Who is the Antichrist?

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Where will the Antichrist come from?

The Bible prophesies a leader will arise in the end time who will gain control over most of the world. This leader is referred to in scripture as the beast or the Antichrist. We don’t yet know who this man is, but we do know the area of the world from which he will come. We’ll tell you where the Antichrist will come from on today’s edition of End of the Age.

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11 Responses to “Who is the Antichrist?”

  1. William Tyler Ringstaff

    I would also like to note: 2016 was the year the human sacrifice happened at CERN. They say it’s fake but the victim Maja Franziska Brandli is still missing. CERN was running it’s AWAKE project… A mysterious electrical cloud formed over CERN the day of sacrifice. 6-24-16. Patriarch kirill and Pope Francis meet 2-12-16 for first time in 1000 years the churches met. This was after the ark of Gabriel was moved to Antarctica by a Russia Armada. The gotthard tunnel 6 hour satanic opening ceremony was 6-1-16. I have more. this is not a joke. This is reality

  2. William Tyler Ringstaff

    How are you a preacher if you don’t even know the most obvious of answers? Matthew 27:27 then the SOLDIERS OF THE GOVERNOR took Jesus… Pilate was a GOVERNOR. That means GOVERNMENT KILLED JESUS. So stop playing dumb

  3. William Tyler Ringstaff

    Think about this… Jared kushner and ivanka trump own 666 fifth avenue. They also built a new tower at 1 journal square that is exactly 666ft tall. Babylon was started through kush by his son nimrod. Jared means descendant. Jared kushner means son of kush. Trump tower is also 666ft tall. Coincidence? Not this time.

  4. William Tyler Ringstaff

    Trump is the antichrist. The Bible calls him A-bad-don. A bad Donald. He was born on a blood moon. Trump tower is 666feet tall and he has his penthouse on 66th floor, everything gold plated. Mammon. I was born at shepherd memorial. My name sums to 777 if you count the alphabet by 3 to represent Trinity. I have no father. He signed away his rights then died. I was born on the 6th day. Of October. The scales of Justice and judgment. I will be 33 in 2020 and defeated by trump before Jesus returns. 2016 was the year of hells rising 2016=666+666+666+6+6+6. Revelation 9:7 is speaking of Ayn al-asad airbase in iraq on the Euphrates. The name Al asad means the lion in Arabic. The breastplates of iron are the bullet proof vests of the Marines. The loud wings are the helicopter propellers. I have all the proof you need. Join me and Christ. Or you might not have a nother chance. I have more info. Contact me.

  5. Charlene

    The revised Holy Roman Empire may very well be the kingdom of the antichrist, but we should not rule out other possibilities. For instance, much of the Middle East and Northern Africa were also part of the Roman Empire. If Kushner forms a 10 nation alliance between Middle Eastern nations, that could also be the 10 headed beast. Btw, my only pick for an antichrist candidate at this time is Kushner. There are several ways that his name add up to 666 using Hebrew gematria. Keep an open mind as these events unfold.