Trump’s Fight Against Socialism

February 4, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


Tonight, President Trump will deliver the State of the Union. As president, Donald Trump has on recurring topic in most of his major speeches—Socialism. We will discuss the prophetic significance of his fight against Socialism in America, on today’s edition of End of the Age!

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5 Responses to “Trump’s Fight Against Socialism”

  1. I watch Irvin every Friday evening on TBN. a while back I got on your web. site and started watching your videos. Dave you and Irvin do a fantastic job of bringing Biblical Truth to the “Church”. Praying that Holy Spirit will reveal your ministry and web. site to the lost!!

  2. Please keep this in house. On your next broadcast warn people about the difference between the religious, and the people that have faith in GOD, and his son JESUS. JESUS warned us about those who say they are religious, Mitt Romney just declared to the world how deeply religious he was. When I heard him say that, I am sorry, but that made my skin crawl. Again, I say, good day.

  3. Proof that satan over plays his hand first happened when he tortured JESUS, and now here in America, he is pushing very hard for the destruction of our country. But GOD is with us.

    As for the baby murdering DEMS. There are beginning to eat there own. GOD WILL prevail, and he will not allow the wings of the great eagle to be broken. GOD will be with all who keep seeking all truths. The TRUMP did blow in 2017, when our President, Donald TRUMP declared Jerusalem the capital of ISRAEL. Watch over us LORD as we do your will. GOD bless all, and to all, a good day.