The Rebirth of Israel

October 9, 2018   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


One of the greatest prophetic fulfillments of all time was the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948. However, that event on May 14, 1948 was only one small part of a 4,000 year story. On today’s edition of End of the Age, we’ll tell you the rest of the story.

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3 Responses to “The Rebirth of Israel”

  1. Ezekiel 39:28-And they shall KNOW THAT I AM JEHOVAH THEIR GOD’ in that I CAUSED THEM TO GO INTO CAPTIVITY AMONG THE NATIONS, and have GATHERED THEM INTO THEIR OWN LAND; and will LEAVE NONE OF THEM ANYMORE THERE;( what??? there are more Jews in the US than in Israel!!!) neither will I hide My face anymore from them; (what about Jacob’s trouble!) FOR I HAVE POURED OUT MY SPIRIT UPON THE “HOUSE OF ISRAEL!”(NOT JACOB)saith the Lord Jehovah! All Israel who are alive and remain at His coming will receive Jesus when He delivers them at the 2nd coming! many will suffer persecution who call upon Jesus during the ministry of the Two Witnesses as John saw those ELECT who were APPOINTED TO THE SWORD AND CAPTIVITY. Those who sign the treaty with Antichrist are APOSTATE and WORSHIP AT THE ALTAR AND IN THE TEMPLE WHO JOHN IS TOLD TO MEASURE AND THAT MEASURE IS FOR DIVINE JUDGMENT!!! Blessed is the man who calls upon Christ when He returns and delivers Israel from annihilation. They will be AFFLICTED and SUFFER GREAT TRIBULATION UNTIL THEY CALL UPON MESSIAH and God POURS OUT HIS SPIRIT UPON THEM. I cannot argue against God’s MERCY UPON THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AT THE END OF THE AGE. I am saved by MERCY and GRACE NOT BY MY RUNNING THE COURSE OF WORKS OR BY MINE OWN WILL OR KNOWLEDGE BUT BY THE DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION POWER OF CHRIST! If God uses America to shield 144,000 Jews and Apostolic Christians THANK GOD! AT THE APPEARING OF CHRIST THEY WILL BE RAPTURED OUT AND AMERICA SHALL SUFFER AS ALL NATIONS THE 7 VIALS OF WRATH AND JUDGMENT OF GOD WHICH WILL BE FINALIZED AS JESUS RETURNS TO EARTH TO JUDGE THE NATIONS INCLUDING AMERICA THAT DOES NOT REPENT OR KNOW CHRIST! BEHOLD HE IS COMING! GO YE OUT TO MEET HIM! PUT THE GO IN GOSPEL! god is wrapping up the times of the Gentiles and about to take a people out of Israel, a REMNANT FOR HIS NAME!