The Most Dramatic Prophecy in the Entire Bible!

February 19, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


The birth, life, death, resurrection and Second Coming of Jesus Christ is by far the most dramatic, majestic, glorious prophecy in the entire Bible! We will analyze this wonderful set of prophesied events on today’s edition of End of the Age!

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5 Responses to “The Most Dramatic Prophecy in the Entire Bible!”

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Virgil,
      We do not know what will happen exactly. The Bible doesn’t give us clear understanding. We could take a hit, however we believe the Eagle’s wings described in the book of Revelation 12:14 helping Israel during the final 3 1/2 years symbolizes America. So, we do not believe we will be destroyed.