The Invasion of Israel

September 4, 2018   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,



The Bible prophesied 2,500 years ago the three nations that would lead the invasion of Israel at the Battle of Armageddon. Those three nations all have troops stationed in Syria, just north of Israel’s northern border. Yes, the stage is being set for the Battle of Armageddon right before our eyes.

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2 Responses to “The Invasion of Israel”

  1. Earnest “Erney” Chaney

    Do you think there might be some significance in December 6, 2017 (5777) being the date of Trump’s announcement to move the U.S. Embassy, making jerUSAlem the capital of Israel? December 6 is exactly 6 months, or “half a time” from the 50th anniversary — exactly 1 Jubilee — since Israel captured jerUSAlem on June 6, 1967? It is also interesting that the celebration of jerUSAlem becoming the capital took place on the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation, and this celebration took place beteeen December 6, 2017 and June 6, 2018.

    Thank you,
    Earnest Chaney

  2. Some say Antichrist is the 2 nd beast arising from the earth with TWO HORNS as of a LAMB OR A BLACK POPE CHRISTIAN LEADER WHO UNITES THE WESTERN CATHOLICS AND EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCHES and his WORKING OF MIRACLES IN SIGHT OF THE BEAST AND DECLARATION HE IS VICAR OF CHRIST AND THE APOSTASY HE TAKES THE CHURCH WORLD INTO AS HE FOLLOWS THE BEAST. He it is that ANTICHRIST COMING INSTEAD OF CHRIST OR IN PLACE OF HIM!!! If so the Catholic /Protestant/ Orthodox world rebels against the Beasts command at Christ’s APPEARING IN GLORY AND THE GREAT CITY OF ROME IS BURNT BY FIRE FOR THEIR REBELLION TRYING TO RETURN TO jESUS CHRIST!!! It would explain Russia being the feet of the bear in the terrible diverse beast with Great Britain being the mouth piece of the Lion making up the wounded head from the red horse rider of Red socialism from WW II wounding the British Empire and it’s Germanic cousins of the German third reich! There will be a healing of that spiritual schism and socialist schism between Europe and Russia and the Muslim world surrounding Israel and Jerusalem as the iron mixes with the clay but they do not cleave to one another in this unholy union of Islam and Christianity! Arabs and the young lions of Tarshish, the US and Canada are fearful of this overwhelming army’s motives per Ezekiel’s prophecy 38,39. Egypt and Jordan do not escape the Beast’s force’s except for the elite chief of Ammon. Shiite Islamic crescent power is feared by the Arab world. WWIII will be the MOTHER OF ALL WARS AS GOD’S PROPHETS HAVE SPOKEN AND IS AN EIGHTH KINGDOM OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS SEEKING TO ENSLAVE AND DESTROY ISRAEL WHO IS SEEING JERUSALEM BECOMING LIKE UNTO SODOM AND EGYPT!