Open Line 363

December 27, 2019   |   Category: End of the Age   |  


As we are on the brink of a new year, would you like to see your world change? We will tell you how to see a wonderful change to your world during the year of 2020. Stay tuned for another exciting edition of End of the Age!

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14 Responses to “Open Line 363”

  1. GOD wants you to know more about me. Both my mother and me almost died when she was giving birth. Then I was about 4 or 5, I again almost died. Then in 1979 my angel told me to duck, and the bullet went over my head. Then in 2006 I was sick in bed for 3 days. And on the third day my spirit almost rose from my body, but was stopped. During the next Almost 10 years, I never pulled these things together. But know I know why, it was for these very days that we live. At the very least, I plant seeds where ever I go, that would be, just simply letting people know GOD isn’t dead, he still waits, watches, and listens. He would love to hear from us all, we know that isn’t going to happen. Sad, but true.

  2. The hate, { that comes from satan } that he uses to influence people to hate and attack his chosen people, has finally hit the front pages, and you, I and all that are paying attention know, that what is written, is being played out before our very eyes. But, this, what is happening now, is nothing, compared to what is coming. The road ahead is about to get very, very rough. GET READY PEOPLE!!!!

  3. Nancy G Fann-Fleming

    Happy New Year Pastor Baxter Dave Robbins & staff! 🙂
    I HOPE you recvd my Christmas card via email:)
    Honor to have met you Pastor Baxter a couple of years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to live updates 2020
    I have comcast hi speed internet live stream tv& new str talk only a couple gigs data began $30-35 plan this monthdec 2019-end ofOct 2019 or Nov Walmart in person McAfee set up mobile tethering hot spot
    so when I want to sign into devices or data run out of data 1 button & tether to hi speed internet /tv connection & my classic reel
    McAfee hasn’t even set up my in box on my new laptop from Walmart yet but they do have my devices protected. I have call them tomorrow
    I can get to your website but can’t stream?
    I watched alittle from last Friday
    I was going to catchup
    I press my McAfee tether hotspot but can’t stream?????????????
    Look forward to live perfect stream updates
    as Pastor Irvin says the Lord placed on his heart to do til JESUS comes:)
    Everything for Jesus
    Nancy G Fann Fleming N=OM
    Hen mommie Nanny

    Praying for you always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Herb Beck

    I registered in either in 2017 or 18 our business closed and we moved from the area. I lost my computer at work. I done a study on your. Jerm college now I have lost my pass word to get. Am I still registered. Please let me know
    Thank you

  5. I am sure you’ve said it many times before, but it might be worth mentioning again, John probably did not understand the things he was seeing or hearing. So for us to understand these things that he wrote about, we should not be surprised that it has been so difficult for us to understand the book of REV.

  6. please read guttenberg and a final wake up call for Europe andwho will be the nextcharlemagne and the brilliance of karl theodor zu guttenberg allon the trumpet .com you know your not the only ministry with its finger on the pulse of jesus