HR 6666—Government Surveillance

May 12, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |  

Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank, Monitoring sensors on Israeli citizens, HR 6666—government surveillance in the United States and the Four Horsemen are loosed in the world—all in the headlines. Join me for another edition of End of the Age!

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7 Responses to “HR 6666—Government Surveillance”

  1. Patricia A Hayes


    In Ventura County, I listened to the City Council on video stating that if someone in the house has been found with Covid-19 and there are more than that person, and sharing the restroom, that person, no age limitation so could be a child, will be removed without consent to a place of quarantine facility. You have no say so. You will not be allowed to do the 14 day quarantine in your home. This is a trial being done and with hopes to spread to other counties, then states.

  2. randy

    It does make very good sense that we are getting nudged in the direction of global control. If they want to quarantine every one who has come in contact with some one who is positive the whole shutdown will start all over again and be worst than the first.

    When they lock me down is a government agent going to go to my local health food store and buy raw milk and what I eat. That is right they already know what is best for me the garbage at the local Safeway.

    Thank you for mentioning the I will go their and sign the petition.

  3. Yvonne Ruiz

    In my opinion, there should not be any chip, sensor or anything around my neck to tell me to stay 6 ft away from another person. Netanahu shouldn’t do this. I can’t believe he would think of such a thing. May God protect us all.