From Here to Armageddon

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The prophecies of the Bible clearly list the major events that will come to pass between now and the Battle of Armageddon. It also foretells the greatest revival the world will ever experience, during the worst time of persecution. I will provide you with an overview of these major events, and discuss that great revival, on this edition of End of the Age!

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23 Responses to “From Here to Armageddon”

  1. Orlando Sánchez

    You exposed clearly what’s in the Bible; however you fail to “rightly divide the Word of truth” as commanded in 2 Tim 2:15. Therefore, I as a member of the body of Christ, will not have a part on any of Israel’s prophetic program. If you rightly divide the Word of truth, you should know that the “the body of Christ” (His church today) can Not co-exist with the prophetic program God declared for Israel. Since the stoning of the prophet Stephen (Acts 7:51-60), God paused His dealing with Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. Since then, there aren’t any prophecies being fulfilled up until the “body of Christ” is taken out of this earth. I’ll be in heavens, not in the earthly kingdom promised to Israel alone, not to me as a member of the body of Christ.

  2. Clint Moore

    Could you Please e-mail me a copy of the timeline from here to Armageddon. Thank You and may God Bless You greatly in all that your are doing in service of him!!