End of the Age has been Censored!

February 24, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


For some time End of the Age has been censored by our online streaming services. This has left us with no choice, but to launch a new platform that will allow us to share uncensored information throughout the end time. We will reveal our new platform and answer any of your questions on this edition of End of the Age!

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13 Responses to “End of the Age has been Censored!”

  1. If Satan and his gang aren’t giving you a bad time it might be something to be concerned about; it probably means you’re not giving them a bad time. Consider this a compliment; you’re obviously doing a good job. Freedom of religion is a constitutional rights well as freedom of speech. Why don’t you consider a law suit against these people.

  2. Ezekiel 38 says that the jewish nation will bury the dead for 7 months and go out and check for the dead bodies for 7 years. How can this prophesy be Armageddon . Surely once Jesus is here it will be a new heaven and a new earth

  3. There is, no word, that is illegal to speak, or write. It is only when you form a sentence, and depending on what is spoken, or written, this is when it may become a problem for some. Only if you are in a legal agreement can, can they block your content. Because Face Book, YouTube, and all the others DO NOT have a list of things that you can, or cannot say, it smells like communism, or if you would like, smells like a DEM. You know when you are on the right path, and GOD is on your side, people will try to shut you down. I just don’t see that happening to you guys. Look forward to many more shows. GOD bless!

    • Doug Norvell

      Hello Cora,

      To some extent the Great Falling away has already happened. During what is known as the “Dark Ages” people were not allowed to have Bibles and they were told what to believe. People were killed for reading the bible or translating it into language everyone could understand. But, we are also seeing a falling away now in my opinion. We are leaving what scripture says and twisting it to fit the world views. We especially see this with so many denominations swaying to allow homosexual pastors and worship leaders in the churches.

        • Doug Norvell

          Hello Ron,

          Thank you for the question. Yes, you will still be able to watch and listen to the live program everyday. Nothing is changing about that, you can watch on YouTube, Facebook and our website. The 12.99 subscription is for all access to anything that Endtime has to offer.