Chips Under the Skin

March 30, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , , ,


Chips under the skin, Invisible tattoos, world government, the Middle East Peace agreement, Earthquakes in divers places and much more in the headlines today. We will discuss the prophetic significance of these events on today’s edition of End of the Age!

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4 Responses to “Chips Under the Skin”

  1. Stephanie

    Arkansas is against it too!! YAY!!

    2019 Session: Governor signs bill to regulate microchipping employees. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. … House Bill 1177, now Act 516, allows employees to opt out of getting microchipped without the threat of being fired. They would have to give written consent before the implantation and could request to remove it at any time.

    Additional: Yes we use technology, however, cell phones are not the same as taking a mark in, on, or under the skin. God does look at the heart but he clearly gives laws and warnings.. saying someone has a good heart however not ever being baptized in the name of Jesus, repeating of sins and being filled with the holy ghost making it into heaven. There are a lot of agnostics that I know that do not believe in Jesus however have an awesome heart. It is not the same. I agree that a gun is not evil it is what is done with it that matters, however, he tells us what is to come before he returns and we can twist it as much as we want to make it fit into our lives but we are carnal by nature and it clearly states NOT to get a mark even if your intentions are not evil. Study the word and follow his instructions.
    Respectfully and in love responding to your post LS.

    God is so good and his mercy endures forever.

  2. I think people are missing the point…God looks at the heart. A microchip in your body is just technology and is not inherently evil. (Just like a gun is not evil in and of itself, its what is done with it that matters). Now if using technology comes with a pledge that violates your faith, yes that is the line most Christians will not cross. Most Christians will resist the establishing of methods that can be misused to accomplish evil. But consider as Americans we already have a number, Social Security number. Most everyone has a credit card already. Who over the age of 18 years doesn’t have a cell phone already…nearly everyone. We are already numbered. Imagine you are John at the moment he received the book of Revelation, what did he see…perhaps it was all of us walking around with a cell phone in our hands held up to our forehead…talking on the phone to each other. Tech is great…use it wisely, but at some point we may be asked to choose whom we will serve to access it. Is your heart ready to stand firm? This is the question we each should be asking and answering before the Lord.

  3. Have you had a discussion on the 5G – Covid-19 connection. Lots of concern that the high band microwave frequency signals from 5G towers could be causing a biological shock and our bodies do not know what to do with the 5G radio waves. Is the virus a waste product of our cells trying to protect itself? Worth looking at … could be the biggest cover up in the history. Why is China suddenly not experiencing so much loss? maybe their 5G signals were cut or reduced. Just asking the question, maybe there’s more than meets the eye

  4. Dave and Irving all your sermons I’ve learned everything on the final 7 years so I can spread it here in Boston and I’m doing small groups cape Ann Massachusetts Gloucester- magnolia- Rockport mass – keep it going cuz I need you 2 and we’re outa time- deal of century daily updates are so good I can teach after every sermon daily – love your podcast – Gerard kelly , Rockport Massachusetts- 1:Corinthians CH11 My coranvirus Vaccine his last supper ✝️ every day – what you need from I can do for you Dave and Irving – thanks and say hello back anytime ✝️ Baruch Barach atah Adonai Shabbat shallom 2 you both ✝️❤️