Yehuda Glick Sworn in as MK

Israeli Knesset

A year and a half after surviving an assassination attempt and being told he may never walk again, Yehuda Glick strode onstage in the Israeli Knesset on Monday and was sworn in as a member.


The new MK was shot four times in the chest in November 2014 by Mutaz Hijazi, an Arab man from Jerusalem who called Glick “an enemy of al-Aksa.” Glick was undeterred from his work to allow Jews to pray at Judaism’s holiest site, and vowed to continue it in the Knesset.


“As long as I am here, I will do all I can to stop the injustice taking place every day in the holiest place in the world, where police officers are commanded to check if a 90 year-old Jew moves his lips or not,” Glick said.


Glick’s entrance into the Israeli Knesset is especially interesting since the Bible prophesies that a Jewish temple will be built on the Temple Mount at some time in the future. That time may just be closer than any of us think!

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