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Dallas Sniper Attack

The Bible prophesies that violence will increase in the end time. A shooting in Dallas, TX has left 5 police officers dead and 7 wounded. The shooter said that he wanted to kill white people, in particular, white police officers.
Why are we seeing this escalation of violent attacks in America and around the world? One reason is the decline of Judeo-Christian values. Since America’s founding, violent acts have been limited by the principles of the Bible, which teach against killing and hatred.
The scriptures teach that, if we have respect of persons, we commit sin. We are taught to love our neighbor as ourselves. When we have God’s love in our hearts, we don’t do things to hurt others.
The time has come to, once and for all, renounce racism, whether it is white toward black or black toward white. Let’s not let a very small minority of people filled with hate infect our wonderful country that God has given to us. Fight hatred and racism wherever you find it, knowing that all of us are creatures made by God Himself.

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