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The Third Temple

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon announced on Friday morning that he is quitting politics, following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision to hand his portfolio over to Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman so as to bring his party into the coalition.


Ya’alon’s resignation will bring Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick into the Knesset as an MK, given his placement on Likud’s Knesset list. Glick survived an assassination attempt by an Arab terrorist back in October 2014, miraculously recovering after being shot four times at point blank range.


Glick is an American-Born rabbi who campaigns for religious equality and multi-faith prayer on the Temple Mount. The present agreement between the Muslim Waqf and the Israeli government prohibits non-Muslim prayer at the site. He is also the chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and supports the building of the Third Temple.


We can be sure that Glick will use his new position in the Israeli government to push for the sharing of the Temple Mount…which just happens to be prophesied in the Bible.

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