Colorado Warns Drivers “Don’t Drive Stoned”

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End of the Age News

By Jim Stigleman

Colorado Warns Drivers: “Don’t Drive Stoned”

13 days after the state of Colorado officially began selling marijuana, they have begun issuing this warning to drivers: “Don’t drive stoned.” Using $430,000 in federal funding, this promotion, financed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will include public service announcements on television stations and flyers and posters being distributed at local marijuana shops.


Penalties for those caught “driving stoned” will be comparable to the penalties issued for “driving under the influence of alcohol.” Though still illegal under federal law, possession of limited amounts of cannabis by adults in Colorado is legal. President Obama’s Administration has stated that as long as users follow their individual state’s laws, federal law enforcement officials will not intervene.


The executive director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, Mike Elliott, said

“The (state department of transportation) and the industry want to stress the importance of using this newly legalized drug in a safe manner.”


In 2012, Washington State and Colorado voters passed laws, which allowed adults to possess small amounts of cannabis.


Cyber Attacks Plague U.S. Retailers

At least 5 U.S. retailers have suffered recent cyber attacks that have breached their networks. Target and Neiman Marcus are two major retailers that have reported these cyber attacks.  Reports say that at least 70 million Target customers had their information stolen. Customer names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and payment card numbers are among the information stolen.


Sources from law enforcement agencies say that in all likelihood the masterminds behind the attacks are from Eastern Europe, a place where multiple cyber crimes have originated from over the past ten years.


In most states, laws require businesses to inform customers when certain personal information is believed stolen. This usually is the responsibility of the credit card issuer. Retailers are required to report cyber breaches of personal information.


Investigators believe that malware know as a RAM scraper was one of the methods used in the attacks on Target and the other companies. A RAM scraper is software that enables encrypted data to be captured from the live memory of a computer. Hackers have used this technique for many years.


Visa had issued two warnings over the past year about increases in cyber attacks using memory phasing software. These warnings also gave retailers information on how the attacks were accomplished and how they could combat them.


Obamacare: More Young Adults Needed

More than 2 million people have presently enrolled for insurance through the Affordable Care Act, President Barak Obama’s new healthcare law.  Obamacare, as it is better known, will need more young adults to sign-up for coverage in the next three months in order to counteract the costs from elderly people who have signed-up. This response by young adults is needed so insurers can keep their rates down.


Critics of the law say that it cannot attract enough younger people to keep it financially afloat. This means that the government will have to use its own funding to atone for insurer losses.


An independent healthcare consultant, Dale Yamamoto said, “The whole insurance relationship is counting on them signing up,…otherwise rates will have to increase.”

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  1. Andrew Gary

    Zech c14:1-3”Beholdthe day of the Lord cometh,and thy spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee.For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to do battle;and the city shall be taken,and the houses rifled ,and the women ravished;and half of the city shall go forth into capitivy,and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city.Then the Lord go forth,and fight against those nations,as when he fought in the day of battle.”

  2. Lea Nesbitt Cameron

    May God Bless and Keep your U.S.A. President, Mr. Donald Trump, for his faithfulness in this wondrous feat as he keeps his promises, this very special year, to Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, all Jewish people, & to those of us who’ve been praying for this to come to pass. May our prayers be answered for our next Canadian Federal Election, that God will stand with us as we elect a new Christian Prime Minister who has the fortitude & backbone to make wise, sensible promises then, with diligence, to stand by them as your own, appointed by God, President Mr. Donald Trump, continues to do.

  3. Ken Campbell Jr

    God poured out his Spirit on me about ISIS three yrs ago Feb2015. By what he showed me the ISIS leader will create the 3rd WW. The U.S. ,RUSSIA ,IRAN with ISIS all in IRAQ & Syria. Tensions are high all in Syria, and IRAQ. Not to mention other disagreements with other countries from other parts of the world, India, China, North Korea…the list goes on. We are almost at summer time, and at the end of a Age. One of the Greatest Monsters of God’s Word just passed at 99yrs old Billy Graham. I feel something about to happen soon! All the Glory to God! Lord looking for you any time, have been for just over three yrs. GOD help us all.

    • Ken Campbell Jr

      In 2015 God poured out his Spirit on me showing me something about the ISIS Leader, I’ve been looking for Jesus any time now, tensions are high in IRAQ AND SYRIA with the U.S. Russia, and Iran. Along with other tensions with other countries like North Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, all with Nukular capibillies. We are at the End of a Age and almost the start of Summer. It could be at the doors. All the sign are around us. All Gods prophesies have almost been fulfilled. Looking for you Jesus Glory to God!

  4. Caleb Bibbi Oluranti

    “Is God a Jew?”, someone asked recently on 700Club. Answer’s found in Exodus 4:22&23. Every family has a firstborn. THAT IS NO CRIME!! All other children take their positions BUT ALL ARE TREATED EQUAL. Now, it’s interesting that the cot, toys, clothes of d firstborn are always useful 2care 4d younger ones. All mankind are God’s CHILDREN, & not SLAVES.GOD WILL deal with all mankind d way He dealt with Israel. Anyone planning death for GOD’S CHILDREN, GOD WILL KILL. NO,GOD IS NOT A JEW, He’s the Father of Jews & ALL OTHER RACES/TRIBES AS WELL!!!

  5. Laura DeGatana

    Never thought we would be sitting in the greatest history of all time. Continue to pray for our President, Israel, and the true church all around the world.

    • Then why is America in such a mess? The Bible is speaking about Israel, His people, not the land. America is not treating His people right and never has. Peace

  6. D. E. Bohler

    the total destruction of Damacus Syria is the next big sign of thecentury as we watch ZACH. 12 go to another plat form of encrease war.THEN we will no who that man of sin is.

  7. Coincidentally this time frame is the same for the military option of the United States against North Korea if they fail to comply with denuclearization. Interesting isn’t it?