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China shows COVID-19 Coronavirus can be ‘stopped in its tracks’

While more than 153,00 cases of the respiratory illness have been recorded globally as of Sunday, it is on the decline in China, demonstrating that the course of the outbreak there has been altered, according to WHO Representative in the country, Dr. Gauden Galea. “It is an epidemic that has been nipped as it was growing and stopped in its tracks. This is very […]

Israel, PA allies escalate ICC war crimes legal fight

Fourteen parties including countries, NGOs and leading jurists filed legal briefs by press time on Monday for both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides of the war-crimes contest currently before the International Criminal Court. The ICC is expected to hand down a fateful decision about Israel, the Palestinians and alleged war crimes sometime after March […]

The World’s Mobile Money Capital Urges Cashless Transactions Amid COVID-19 Spread, But Will This Help?

Three days ago, Kenya confirmed its first coronavirus (COVID-19) case. The infected person was a 27-year-old Kenyan national who was studying abroad. Then barely two days later, President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed two more cases of the deadly coronavirus in Kenya. Addressing the nation on Sunday, President Kenyatta the two new cases were discovered following tests […]

EU To Shut Borders As France, Germany Tighten Restrictions To Control Coronavirus

With the number of coronavirus cases pushing past 180,000 worldwide, the European Union proposed the closure of its external borders for 30 days in a move to contain the spread of the pandemic, while Germany and France, among the hardest-hit countries in the region, imposed new restrictions on their citizens aimed at increasing social distancing. […]

In Afghanistan, Coronavirus Complicates War and Peace

When the coronavirus began spreading, many Afghans were in denial even after it became an obvious and deadly crisis in neighboring Iran. Some touted their piety as a shield — they already washed and prayed five times a day. Others, even some officials, joked that the health system had been so bad, the country already […]

Secret Likud, Blue and White meeting raises unity hopes

Negotiations between Likud and Blue and White on a national-unity government began in earnest on Monday with a secret meeting that raised optimism an agreement between the two sides could be reached to end the political stalemate. The meeting took place in the morning before Blue and White leader Benny Gantz officially received the mandate […]

Trump Calls on Americans to Stop Hoarding Food, Supplies

President Donald Trump on Sunday called on Americans to stop hoarding groceries and other supplies, while one of the nation’s most senior public health officials called on the nation to act with more urgency to safeguard their health as the coronavirus outbreak continued to spread across the United States. Dr. Anthony Fauci says he would like […]

First Batch of Coronavirus Vaccines Sent for Human Testing

Biotech company Moderna, based out of Massachusetts, has shipped its first batches of the COVID-19 vaccine for testing to the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. According to Fox News, the vaccine will be tested on a group of 45 young, healthy human volunteers at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in […]

Amid coronavirus fears, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu sees an opening

As the spread of coronavirus affects virtually every aspect of life in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become a staple of prime-time television. Most evenings, he can be found on the 8pm news broadcasts issuing new instructions and trying to reassure the country of 8.7 million people that everything will be fine. Netanyahu has […]

3 American troops wounded in new Iraqi rocket attack, Pentagon says

Dozens of rockets slammed into an Iraqi base north of Baghdad Saturday wounding three American and two Iraqi troops. The Pentagon said later Saturday that two out of the three American troops wounded in the rocket attack in Iraq were “seriously” wounded. “Last night, there was a Katyusha rocket attack on U.S., coalition and Iraqi forces at Camp […]