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Abbas accuses Israel of sabotaging peace talks

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas assailed Israel on Tuesday, claiming it has never missed an opportunity to sabotage the American-led talks on an Israeli-Palestinian agreement. Read More: Abbas accuses Israel of sabotaging peace talks – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz.

Evangelicals, the millennial generation and Israel

In the past week, several articles in multiple publications have made the claim that Evangelical Christian support for Israel is waning among members of the “millennial” generation. Haaretz published an article by Nathan Guttman entitled “Israel is losing its grip on evangelical Christians?” Read More: Evangelicals, the millennial generation and Israel | JPost | Israel […]

Egyptian court sentences 529 Brotherhood members to death

An Egyptian court sentenced 529 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to death for murder and other offenses on Monday in a sharp escalation of a crackdown on the movement that is likely to fuel instability. Read More: Egyptian court sentences 529 Brotherhood members to death | Reuters.

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case revisits divisive political issues

Some of the most politically divisive themes and issues of the 2012 election — Obamacare, the left’s “war on religion,” the right’s “war on women,” and the notion of corporate personhood — all come into play in two cases that will be argued before the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Read More: Supreme Court Hobby Lobby […]

How America defines religious freedom

ON MARCH 25th the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Sebelius v Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v Sebelius. These cases present the first major legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, since the Court upheld most of it two years ago. Read More: The […]

Famous Christian charity hiring married ‘gays’

The mega ministry World Vision has announced that it now is allowing employees to be involved in homosexual “marriages,” in an effort to encourage “unity” among Christian supporters. Read More: Famous Christian charity hiring married ‘gays’.

Teachers Must Oppose Curricula That Teach Gay Marriage to Children

Parents and teachers must do all they can to respect the innocence of children, shielding them from such things as pornography, as well as opposing any curricula that would teach 5-year-olds that marriage is anything other than a lifelong union between one man and one woman, said Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the highest court […]

Arab League summit drafts hard-line ultimatums

Arab leaders whose summit begins in Kuwait Tuesday, March 25, are set to carry hard-line ultimatums for the US-sponsored Palestinian-Israeli negotiations as a means of derailing US Secretary of State John Kerry’s stubborn effort for a peace accord, and as a red flag for President Barack Obama three days before he lands in Riyadh.. Read […]

Amazing Technology or Satanic Marking?

As technology continues to advance, new radio frequency identification device chips are being used and even implanted inside of people to make life easier. However, some biblical end-time believers have warned against the technology and claimed this chip could be the beginning of the implementation of the Mark of the Beast, which is spoken of […]

Abbas agrees to extend talks if Israel freezes settlements

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to extend peace talks with Israel if certain conditions are met, the independent Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported on Monday.   Quoting an unnamed Palestinian official, Ma’an said that Abbas had agreed to an extension during his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington last week. The agreement […]