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Israel concerned by potential US-Iran cooperation

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz says Western powers had pledged that coordinating with Tehran against Sunni terror threat would not set back talks on nuclear program.   Israel voiced concern on Monday at the prospect of its closest ally, Washington, cooperating with its what it considers its deadliest foe, Iran, to stave off a sectarian break-up […]

As Iraq Burns, Islamic Bloc Meeting to Focus on ‘Palestine

Just days before the start of Ramadan – a month dedicated to daytime fasting, Muslim unity and peace – foreign ministers from the bloc of Islamic nations will gather Wednesday at a time when sectarian strife is raging in Iraq and Syria. The meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday and Thursday, under the theme […]

Abbas Urged to Declare ‘Jihad’

The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups on Monday condemned Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas over the cooperation between Israeli and PA security forces in the search for the three kidnapped yeshiva students.   The two groups said that instead of cooperating with Israel, Abbas should declare “jihad” against the “Zionists.”   Senior Hamas […]

Ukraine Says Russia Has 38,000 Troops on Border Amid ‘Invasion’

Russia has amassed as many as 38,000 soldiers on its borders with Ukraine and continues to supply arms and personnel to rebel forces in the eastern part of the country, Ukraine’s National Security Council chief said.   Russia has moved about 16,000 troops to Ukraine’s eastern frontier and has another 22,000 in Crimea, the Black […]

Iraq crisis prompts reconciliation between Iran and the West

The collapse of Iraq has led Britain and the United States towards a historic rapprochement with Iran which could end 35 years of hostility.   Moves to strengthen Britain’s diplomatic ties with Iran in an attempt to fashion a joint response to the Iraq crisis will be set out today by William Hague, the Foreign […]

N. Korea Has New ‘Potentially Destabilizing’ Cruise Missile

A U.S. research group said a cruise missile appears to be the latest addition to North Korea’s increasingly advanced arsenal.   The U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University spotted the new missile in a brief shot buried within a North Korean military propaganda video.   It said the the cruise missile is a sea-based copy […]

Palestinians and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

However the present hostage crisis plays out over the coming days, one of the most ironic and tragic aspects of the situation is that barely two months ago, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addressed a letter to the UN Secretary-General, on behalf of the Palestinian leadership, requesting that “the State of Palestine” participate in 15 […]

Kerry Wants 10% of World’s Oceans Off-Limits to Human Activity

With all that’s happening in the world, Secretary of State John Kerry spent part of Monday addressing “the threats facing the ocean.”   “Today less than 2 percent of our ocean is considered a marine-protected area where there are some restrictions on human activity in order to prevent contaminating the ecosystem,” Kerry told a conference […]

Kerry: U.S. air strikes in Iraq may be an option

The United States is considering U.S. air strikes to help the Iraqi government fend off an Islamist insurgency as well as possible discussions with neighboring Iran, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday.   Asked about the possibility of such strikes, Kerry said in an interview with Yahoo! News: “They’re not the whole […]

CNN Host Believing IRS Lost Email Like Believing Easter Bunny

CNN host John King is more than a little bit suspicious of the Obama administration’s claim that it lost more than two years of emails belonging to Lois Lerner, the official at the center of the scandal surrounding the Internal Revenue Service’s alleged targeting of conservative groups.   The IRS told investigators Friday it lost […]