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Worried About the Internet of Things

For years, the prospect of an online world that extends beyond computers, phones, and tablets and into wearables, thermostats, and other devices has generated plenty of excitement and activity. But now, some of the brightest tech minds are expressing some doubts about the potential impact on everything from security and privacy to human dignity and […]

First Batch of 250 Bnei Menashe Arrive in Israel

A group of 40 Bnei Menashe made Aliyah today from India, the first batch out of a total of 250 immigrants from the Lost Tribe that are slated to arrive over the coming month.   The immigrants, who hail from the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, were brought to Israel by Shavei Israel, which received permission […]

U.S. Not Planning to Present New Peace Initiative

The United States is not planning to present a new initiative for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority PA, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Wednesday.   In her daily news briefing, Psaki said that Secretary of State John Kerry was preoccupied with other international matters at the moment.   “It remains in […]

Vatican Says Pope to Demand ‘Sovereign Palestine’

The Vatican’s Secretary of State made a dramatic revelation ahead of Pope Francis’s visit to Israel next Sunday and Monday, declaring that the pope will talk about the “Palestinian people’s right to have a homeland, sovereign and independent.”   Cardinal Pietro Parolin holds a role in the Vatican City State, located in the Italian capital of Rome, equivalent […]

The Pope’s First Stop is in the “State of Palestine”

Pope Francis will take a helicopter from Jordan to Bethlehem in “a sign of recognising Palestine” as Father Jamal Khader of the Latin patriarchate in Jerusalem said.   The Pope will be in the “holy land” to spiritually bestow a birth certificate to another Arab-Islamic state. “This visit will help us in supporting our struggle […]

Blunt on Christian Facing Martyrdom

Sen. Roy Blunt (R.-Mo.) and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R.-N.H.) sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson today flatly asserting that Meriam Ibrahim, who is eight months pregnant and who is imprisoned in Sudan with her 20-month-old son where she awaits martyrdom for refusing to renounce her […]

Khartoum Tells Protesting Countries

After taking flak for days from Western governments, U.N. human rights officials and others over the sentencing to death of a pregnant Christian mother convicted of apostasy, the Islamist government in Khartoum on Wednesday gave its reaction: “respect the laws and legislations of Sudan.”   The response came in a form of a statement by […]

The REAL ID Act is the WRONG ID Act

Your Louisiana Drivers License could soon become a National Identification Card if House Bill 907 is passed in the full Senate between now and session’s end. After watching the Senate Transportation Committee pass this bill, it was obvious there were facts missing or overlooked. That is when I received the CATO Institute’s Weekly Dispatch with […]

Joe Garcia gets in America Rising’s crosshairs again

Beware, Joe Garcia, America Rising PAC is watching.   When the Democratic Miami Congressman appeared to eat earwax during a committee hearing (he didn’t, he says), the political action committee was quick to catch it and post the video.   A week has gone by. The YouTube video has 2.5 million hits. And now America Rising is highlighting […]

Federal ‘Biosurveillance’ Plan Seeking Direct Access

The federal government is piecing together a sweeping national “biosurveillance” system that will give bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security, according to Twila Brase, a public health nurse and co-founder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom.   The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office […]