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NOAA Reinstates July 1936 As Hottest Month On Record

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, criticized for manipulating temperature records to create a warming trend, has now been caught warming the past and cooling the present.   July 2012 became the hottest month on record in the U.S. during a summer that was declared “too hot to handle” by NASA scientists. That summer more […]

Kurds: ISIS captured enough US arms for 200,000 soldiers

Sources of the autonomous Kurdish government of Iraq say ISIS has plundered in the past fortnight enough advanced US-made weapons to arm 200,000 combat personnel. They include the arsenals of the four Iraqi divisions supposed to have defended Mosul, Kirkuk, its oil fields and the Saluddin province. Los Angeles Times said Tuesday that that US […]

Capital of interfaith dialogue

Florence may be best known for its masterpieces of art and Renaissance architecture, but according to its recently elected mayor, Dario Nardella, it now aims to become a world capital for interfaith dialogue as well. Read More: Renaissance masterpieces, check. Next mission: Capital of interfaith dialogue – Jewish World Features Israel News | Haaretz.

What Congress can do about Obama’s rewriting of laws

What philosopher Harvey Mansfield calls “taming the prince” — making executive power compatible with democracy’s abhorrence of arbitrary power — has been a perennial problem of modern politics. Read More: What Congress can do about Obama’s rewriting of laws | New York Post.

Supreme Court backs Hobby Lobby in contraceptive mandate challenge

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that certain “closely held” for-profit businesses can cite religious objections in order to opt out of a requirement in ObamaCare to provide free contraceptive coverage for their employees. Read More: Supreme Court backs Hobby Lobby in contraceptive mandate challenge | Fox News.

A Troubling New Report Regarding Christians in an Iraqi City

Christians in a northern Iraqi city are reportedly being ordered to pay a tax in return for protection by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.   A Middle Eastern Christian website and a Lebanese daily reported that Christians have been required to pay $250 per individual who works and $500 per couple. If accurate, […]

ISIS militants outline chilling five-year plan for global domination

ISIS has formally declared the establishment of a caliphate, or Islamic state, in the vast stretches of the Middle East that have fallen under its control, and has outlined a vision to expand into Europe. The announcement was described as the ‘most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11’.   Upon declaring a caliphate, the […]

Mid East is sizzling: Armed US drones over Baghdad, Saudi, Jordanian tanks deploy

The Obama administration announced Friday, June 27, that unmanned aerial vehicles flying over Baghdad would henceforth be armed in order to defend the US Embassy in the Green Zone. Read More: Mid East is sizzling: Armed US drones over Baghdad, Saudi, Jordanian tanks deploy.

Jordanian Bedouin hoist Al Qaeda flag in Ma’an – 104 km from Eilat. US, Israeli forces on the ready

“Ma’an is the Falluja of Jordan!” shouted thousands of Bedouin Saturday, June 28, in the southern Jordanian town of Ma’an. This legend was inscribed on the placards and flags they bore aloft with one hand in the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). Read More: Jordanian Bedouin hoist Al Qaeda […]

Iraq Crisis Could Affect the Entire Region

Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Sunday warned that the crisis in Iraq could affect the entire region, reports the Jordan Times.   Speaking with a delegation of lawmakers from the U.S. House of Representatives, the King renewed Jordan’s keenness on the territorial integrity of Iraq and its call for a comprehensive political solution to the ongoing Iraqi crisis, […]