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IDF initiates limited deployment of forces toward Gaza amid increased rocket fire

An IDF spokesman stated that, “Our policy regarding Gaza is one of deescalation and preparedness. The IDF is operating to safeguard the southern communities of Israel.” Following a night of rocket attacks on Israel and IAF strikes on Gaza in response, rockets continued to be lobbed at Israeli towns Thursday morning. A total of 18 […]

Red Heifer and Third Temple

The Jerusalem-based Temple Institute has taken on the goal of rebuilding the Third Jewish Temple, regarded by Jews and Christians as a precursor to the coming of the Messiah. The plan is guaranteed to provoke world conflict, since the Islamic Dome of the Rock now sits on the presumed Temple site.   And while the […]

Albania on the rocky road to EU membership

Albania is now an EU candidate country despite the fact that there are still many problems. Corruption, nepotism and organized crime are a burden on the democratization process.   Albanians are cheering the news. Albania is now officially an EU accession country. The wish to “belong to Europe” has been strong for a while now […]

Technology in LED smart lights raises privacy concerns

While more people and places are switching to energy-saving LED light bulbs, a California company has found a way to turn them into smart networks that can collect and feed data. However, the new technological opportunities are also raising privacy concerns, reports CBS News’ Bill Whitaker.   For example, should you find yourself in terminal […]

Russia asks UN to stop Syrian terrorist oil sales

Russia is asking the U.N. Security Council to condemn the illegal sale of Syrian oil by terrorist groups and encourage all countries to take “necessary measures” to prevent it.   A draft presidential statement circulated to council members and obtained Monday by The Associated Press expresses “grave concern” at the seizure of oilfields in Syria […]

Pope Francis says communists are really ‘closet Christians’

Pope Francis has claimed that Communists are closet Christians, who have appropriated the Gospel’s central message of poverty. The leader of the Catholic Church, whose uninhibited criticisms of capitalism have seen him labelled a Marxist, said in an interview published on Sunday that communists had “stolen” the flag of Christianity.   The 77-year-old pontiff spoke […]

Second Employee Alleges Chase Bank Surveyed Staff’s LGBT Loyalty

Each year JP Morgan Chase sends its employees a survey asking questions related to management and other non-controversial issues. A longtime Chase employee told Professor Robert George of Princeton that the survey this year included the following questions for the first time: Read More: Second Employee Alleges Chase Bank Surveyed Staff’s LGBT Loyalty.

Burger King sells gay pride Whopper

Burger King has concocted yet another way to have it your way: a gay pride burger. Read More: Burger King sells gay pride Whopper.

Connecting the Dots

Call the enemy what you like – radicals, fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists, jihadists, or, historically, just plain Muslims. Connect the dots to their past activities, and you will uncover a disturbing pattern: a fanatical commitment to eliminating infidels. Read More: Connecting the Dots – Op-Eds – Arutz Sheva.

Hamas warns ‘gates of hell will open’ as Israel bombs Gaza strip

Hamas has warned Israel against waging war on the Gaza strip in retaliation for the deaths of three kidnapped Israeli youths, threatening that “the gates of hell will open” should action be taken.   The response came after Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed: “Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay”, following the discovery of […]