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Seven Israeli officers and men die in combat

Another seven IDF officers and men died in combat with Hamas Monday, July 21 on the fourth day of Israel’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip, raising the total of Israeli fallen in this operation to 25.   Four men were killed guarding the Israeli side of the Gaza border by terrorists who jumped out […]

Colorado Gay Marriage Ban Struck

For years, gay rights activists in Colorado repeatedly said it would only be a matter of time before they would be allowed to marry.   They repeated that even as they struggled to get civil unions passed through the Colorado Legislature. Then, less than a year after civil unions became law here on July 1, […]

Kohl encourages Merkel to pursue EU unity

“I would like to encourage you to hold on to a united Europe, to further promote political agreement and continue to stand up for necessary stability”, writes Helmut Kohl in a congratulatory letter published in Germany’s Bild newspaper on Angela Merkel’s 60th birthday (17 July).   84-year-old Kohl, who served as German Chancellor from 1982 […]

Montana given extension to comply with REAL ID

The federal government has agreed to give Montana more time to comply with the controversial REAL ID Act – which sets strict standards for drivers’ license security and would create federal databases of personal information.   The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says in a letter to Governor Stave Bullock that the state had reached […]

Fewer Children Being Apprehended At Border

The arrivals of unaccompanied children at the border appear to be slowing, but it’s too early to call the crisis over yet.   Apprehensions of unaccompanied children at the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector in Texas, where most of the children have entered the U.S., dropped to 977 for the week of July 6-12, […]

‘Their God changes path of rockets in mid-air’

As Israel continues to deal with the threat of terrorist rockets flying through its skies, a recent newspaper headline trumpeted the possibility of supernatural protection. Read More: ‘Their God changes path of rockets in mid-air’.

Gov. Rick Perry deploying up to 1,000 National Guard troops to border

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, announced Monday that he is activating up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border as he accuses the federal government of offering “lip service” on border security.   The announcement comes as the Obama administration is still struggling to deal with the influx of more than 50,000 unaccompanied minors, […]

Comment: UN Human Rights Council’s unbridled hypocrisy toward Israel

The UN Human Rights Council’s ludicrous decision on Wednesday to open an international inquiry into Israeli violations that may have been committed during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza is outrageously hypocritical. Read More: Comment: UN Human Rights Council’s unbridled hypocrisy toward Israel | JPost | Israel News.

Kerry, Abbas Agree on 5-Day Ceasefire

A source within the Palestinian Authority announced on Thursday that US Secretary of State John Kerry and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas agreed during a meeting on Wednesday in Ramallah on a proposal for an immediate five-day ceasefire, during which negotiations would take place between Israel and the PA.   According to the source, Kerry […]

Egyptian army thwarts two attacks against Israel

The Egyptian army thwarted an attack against Israel on Wednesday night, killing a suicide bomber who ran towards the border near Kerem Shalom, Egyptian military sources said. Read More: Egyptian army thwarts two attacks against Israel | JPost | Israel News.