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Government Ending Home School? | Prophecy in the News

Will the President put an end to homeschooling?




Palestinian Prisoners Are Being Released


There are interesting developments happening in the Middle East. The release of 26 Palestinian prisoners underway is on the frontline news. One of the key components of Secretary of State John Kerry’s drive toward peace in the Middle East is that there would be about 120 Palestinian Prisoners released at different intervals. There would be so many…

Is Israel Violating God’s Laws?



Is Israel Violating The Laws of God?


A real corner was turned on Friday, July 19, 2013 when Secretary of State John Kerry announced that there would be a resumption of talks between…

Rebirth of the One-World Government | Prophecy in the News

Global Governance and a New World Order



Endtime Bible Study | Prophecy in the News

Thursday Nights — Understanding the Endtime



Join Dave every Thursday night at 7:00pm CT on our…

Temple Mount Battle Will Result in Prophetic Milestone


Temple Mount Battle Will Result in Prophetic Milestone


It’s a wonderful thing that you and I have access to the prophecies of the Bible. Without the prophecies, we would be driving down the road at ninety miles per hour, without ever glancing into our rear view mirror. It’s no wonder the world goes from crash to crash! I’ll never forget the day I spoke with Secretary of State, James Baker, about six months before the…

Where Are We Now | Prophecy in the News

Understanding Endtime Events



There are a lot of prophecies that have been blown out of proportion; but with all of these prophecies floating around, what is going to…

Reclaim the United States of America | Prophecy in the News

United States in Bible Prophecy



Many people are aware that the United States is prophesied in the Bible. However, what is the destiny of America according to the prophecies of the Bible. This nation is certainly turning its back to God and making ungodly decisions that will…

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5 Proofs of the Endtime | Prophecy in the News

5 Proofs We Are in the Last Days



National ID

Senate on verge of historic immigration vote – 6-27-2103 

At its core, the legislation in the Senate includes numerous steps to prevent future illegal immigration, while at the same time it offers a…

6th Trumpet | Prophecy in the News

World War 3 will result in the destruction of a third of mankind.



According to the book of Revelation there will be a war that kills a “third part of men” (Revelation 9:15). This sixth trumpet war will…