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Time Shortened for the Elect’s Sake

David from Virginia asks, “Matthew 24:21-22 talks about the Great Tribulation and it also indicates that this time will be shortened for the elect’s sake. So is this shortened only for the elect or is the whole three and a half years shortened?

Angels Bound in the Euphrates River

Chad calling from Canada asked Irvin, “I know that you teach that the war will emanate from the Euphrates River and that the countries surrounding the Euphrates River are mainly Islamic countries. But Revelation 14 says that the 6th trumpet angel said to release the four angels who were bound in the Euphrates River but what if the war did not start there and the angels were just bound there?

Could John Kerry confirm the covenant?

Could John Kerry confirm the covenant? By Irvin Baxter   QUESTION: Jacob from Texas asked that the Bible says that ‘he’ shall confirm the covenant with many; and of course the ‘he’ there is referring to the Antichrist. Well if John Kerry doesn’t qualify to be the Antichrist, how could this upcoming peace agreement put us […]

Will the Peace Treaty or the War come first?

Could John Kerry confirm the covenant? By Irvin Baxter   QUESTION: Paul from California asks, could the war coincide with the Peace Treaty? ANSWER: The two prophecies are so close together that it’s hard to tell which one comes first. Years ago I read an article where the Muslims said, if the Jews start building a Temple […]

Will the Two Witnesses Be Enoch and Elijah?

Will the Two Witnesses Be Enoch and Elijah? By Irvin Baxter   QUESTION: Jeff from Arkansas asks, are the two witnesses, prophesied in the book of Revelation, Enoch and Elijah? ANSWER: In my opinion, they are not. Here’s why… they would have to have lived on in mortal bodies because to have people come back from three […]

Who are the Elect?

Who Are the Elect? By Irvin Baxter   QUESTION: Norah from Missouri asks, in Matthew 24, it says that false christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders, to deceive if possible, even the elect. Who are the elect? ANSWER: The elect are those people who are serving God on this earth. That means […]

Framework Agreement

Anthony from Texas asked, What do we know about this yearlong extension that is now being discussed?


Jim from Indiana asked, In Leviticus 19:28, it says that you shall not put any cuttings on your flesh for the dead, or any mark upon you. My daughter just got a tattoo, how does this scripture affect her?

The Red Heifer

John from Missouri asked, Is there any information out there concerning the Red Heifer?

Investing in Political Change

Shawna from Washington asked, Is it futile to pursue political change in the light of knowing the truth and what’s ahead? Since we know that things are not going to get better, but will rather get worse, then what should we do? Do we keep voting and pursuing the change we want to see?