Season of Miracles

The Miracle Called Endtime

Over the past 30 years at Endtime Ministries we have seen miracle after miracle. God has supernaturally met our needs. We documented some of them in our story on DVD. We titled it “The Miracle Called Endtime.” In this video, Irvin and Judy Baxter with their daughter and son-in-law, Dave and Jana Robbins recall some of the most amazing occurrences that have happened from our founding until now. This summer, we are commemorating and believing for a season of miracles. In doing this, we want to build your faith and help you realize that miracles can happen in your life. Listed below are just two of our stories.

Endtime Magazine 1991

Irvin: I always knew that we needed a magazine that would keep people informed of current events and how the prophecies were being fulfilled. I was invited to speak before one of the committees of the denomination I belong to, and their whole goal was about revival. I told them my vision of creating a prophecy magazine, called Endtime magazine to help generate revival and they committed to help me with the cost of the very first edition of the magazine once I had it ready to go to press. They committed to support me by donating $16,000.


I got the first magazine ready, notified the donors and then I waited. After one year, I had not received any finances. I really felt the Lord wanted me to do it, but I had no money. I went to prayer and told the Lord that I was going to shoot the project between the eyes because He hadn’t supplied the money. The Lord spoke back to me and said, “I’ve prepared you all of your life to do this. Would you like to stand before me on the Judgment Day and say that you were afraid?” Well, of course, my answer was no! Judy and I sat down that day and calculated how much we could go into debt and if it didn’t work, pay our way out and keep our good name.


That very day I walked to the mail box, and there was a check from one of the ministers for $1,000! What a miracle!


I printed 25,000 Endtime magazines, inserted a letter asking for subscriptions, rented a reliable mailing list and told them if they liked this first complimentary edition, please subscribe. We were so excited because we got enough subscribers to pay for the first printing bill! After 3-4 years we were up to 25,000 subscribers. That’s the story of how Endtime magazine got started.


This year is the 27th anniversary of the magazine, and it’s the most widely distributed prophecy magazine today.

Jerusalem Prophecy College

All my life, I have had a burden to find a way to help reach the Jewish people. In 2013, understanding the prophecies and knowing that Israel needs revival, I was trying to get a foothold in Jerusalem to help the Jewish people understand. I thought, you know, we could establish a prophecy college in Jerusalem, because prophecy attracts, and we can teach prophecy without being too confrontational. I talked to a friend of mine in Israel and we began to look for a place to purchase in Jerusalem. We found a building. It was really pathetic. It was 4,000 square feet in one of the taller buildings in Jerusalem, but nobody had been there for many years, the pigeons were inside; there were holes in the walls. The place was a wreck, but the square footage was there, and the location was great. So we negotiated, and they told us the purchase price was going to be around $900,000 as is. I didn’t have the money, but we had been saving and had about $300,000 to put towards the college. I received the letter from the lawyer after we said we wanted to buy it, with the terms; one-third down, one-third in another thirty days, and one-third after the next thirty days.


We had the one-third down, but how were we going to come up with the rest of it in the next two months? I wrote back and said, I can’t sign this agreement because I am not sure I can meet your terms.


The next morning (we have prayer every morning at Endtime Ministries) we went to prayer. I said, “Okay, God, what am I supposed to do?” God, spoke to me and said, “I want you to make a program called, “Another Jewish Holocaust Ahead”, and ask your listeners, “How many people will give $500 each for the Jerusalem Prophecy College?”


We did, and what happened next took my breath away! I mean, God’s people responded like you wouldn’t believe. In the next 16 days, we received enough money to purchase the property and to remodel the whole thing, and it’s beautiful today!


Something like this has never happened to Endtime Ministries before! I sent an email to the lawyer and said, “I don’t need your terms, and I’m ready to close now.”


We bought the place and immediately started remodeling. It is a miracle place. Within a month, a million dollars came in and we paid cash. What a miracle. When I look at the Jerusalem Prophecy College on the corner of Jaffa and Agrippa Street, I see a miracle!


From my office, I look out the window, and I see the Mount of Olives and the Dome of the Rock. Every time I’m there, I just know I’m standing in the middle of a miracle.


Every Thursday, I teach the Jerusalem Prophecy College from right here in our Dallas television studio. We have a screen, they see me, and I see them with no delays! We now have over 350 students that are enrolled in the Jerusalem Prophecy College online.

Thank You!

We first want to thank Jesus for the many miracles we have seen over the last 30 years. He has blessed our lives in so many ways and we can honestly say that He has never failed us. Not once.


We don’t want to go without saying thank you to the Endtime Ministries team. Your dedication and hard work is doing more than you know to build the Kingdom of God.


We also want to say thank you to all of our faithful partners. Your giving has made all of this possible. These 2 stories are just a small part of what you have helped us to make happen with your prayers and financial support.

Season of Miracles

Over the last 30 years, we have seen God perform miracle after miracle. It has been amazing, and He’s not done yet! Many more events are yet to come!


Since so many of you have been a part of this journey, we felt like you would want to share in our 30-year celebration of the miraculous story of Endtime Ministries. We are offering our story on DVD with every order for $29 or more. Simply add the promo code, MIRACLE, to your order at checkout.

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