Prophecy in the Bible and Prophecy Today

The Bible has been translated into many languages, with varying versions and interpretations complicating what we understand as true and imminent. One thing is for certain: prophecy in the Bible shows that today’s events are fulfilling signs of the end time, and the end is coming soon.

Though it is impossible to know the exact date and time that Christ will return, prophecy in the Bible allows believers to see the warning signs and prepare for the end of days. All around we can see our world is in turmoil, showing that His return grows closer by the hour. If you examine them closely, current news stories are rife with details pointing to Christ’s return and the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in our time.

The United Kingdoms

Revelation 17 warns of the coming of the Beast, or the Antichrist, and the great power he will wield over our world due to the voluntary abandonment of power by ten kings. This prophecy in the Bible is coming clearer every day with the expansion of the European Union (EU), especially as Great Britain is questioning its membership. There are already more than ten members in the Union, but the erosion of national borders and the push for a central European economic system all point to the EU becoming the seat of the Beast, and the host of one world government.

Peace in the Middle East

Once a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians is signed, the region will become the centerpiece of end time events to come. Recent attempts by the Obama administration point to a scenario that could see the conflict in Israel come to an end soon. Part of that agreement is that the ancient Temple Mount would be shared by both Jews and Muslims, allowing for the reconstruction of the old temple. The Bible says in Daniel 9 that the Jews will rebuild the Temple and restart the practices of traditional Judaism, including animal sacrifice for sins. The Temple will then be captured by the Antichrist and desecrated in his name, which will initiate the Great Tribulation.

The Sixth Trumpet

The first five trumpets of Revelation prophesied bad events that have since been fulfilled and affected the entire world, but it is the next to last trumpet that is the most frightening. The sixth trumpet (Revelations 9:13-21) will bring a massive war to the Euphrates River basin in the Middle East. Developments in the Middle East have shown just how close the world is to such a war, with Islamic nations of the region growing closer than ever. With dwindling oil supplies, increased insurgency in the region, and a continued international involvement, this war threatens to draw in the entire world very soon.

The Seventh Trumpet

When all of the events of the Final Seven Years have passed where end time prophecy in the Bible has been fulfilled, the seventh and final trumpet will sound (Revelations 11:15-19), and Christ will return to Earth. The trumpet is the signal for angels to come and rapture the souls of the faithful, as Christ sits in judgment of those who remain. Christ will finally be able to take His rightful place as the ruler of Heaven and Earth, and He will lead from His throne for a thousand years before taking believers to Heaven for their eternal reward.


Recent events have shown that we can expect these prophecies to come to fruition soon, bringing the Final Seven Years closer to fulfillment. You must be ready, unless you would like to spend eternity separated from God. Heed the warnings of end time prophecy in the Bible with our Understanding the Endtime DVD Series, and you will have nothing to fear.

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