Palestinian Prisoners Are Being Released

By Irvin Baxter

There are interesting developments happening in the Middle East. The release of 26 Palestinian prisoners underway is on the frontline news. One of the key components of Secretary of State John Kerry’s drive toward peace in the Middle East is that there would be about 120 Palestinian Prisoners released at different intervals. There would be so many right now, and then as the 9-month period progresses and that’s the length of time that they anticipate these talks taking place, there would be a period release of prisoners along the way. Now apparently this was planned very carefully in order to keep the Palestinians coming to the table in order to give Abas the political cover necessary for him to keep at the table and to keep the process moving forward. Of course, if the Palestinians would walk away from the table, that means they would walk away from the prison release which would mean that there would be loved ones of people in the Palestinian territories that would have their family members left in prison. So it really looks like all of this activity by Secretary of State John Kerry has been very, very carefully orchestrated. Let me give you an example for what I’m saying.


The Peace Talks Continue

You heard about the announcement that Israel is going to be constructing more homes over the 1967 green line and a lot of people were moaning and declaring how horrible it was that Netanyahu was in fact trying to trash the peace talks before they could get started. But now this article comes out—Kerry and Abas knew of building plans in advance. US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed Tuesday that he and Palestinian Authority Abas were fully aware that the Israeli government intended to continue to build in parts of Judaea and Samaria which will not affect the peace map when the decision was made to restart the talks. As such, despite the outcry by the Palestinian authority, Abas is still committed to talks with Israel over the next 9 months. Part of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coalition is right-winged and very opposed to these peace talks. They are opposed to trading land for peace and consequently, Netanyahu has to maintain his coalition. So he has arranged in advance with both Kerry and Abas that he was going to announce these building projects at the same time he announced the prisoner releases. So even though the right was going to howl in agony of the prisoner releases, he somewhat mollified their opposition by simultaneously announcing that building was going to continue. Furthermore, the building that was going to continue is apparently already known in advance that these areas where these new projects are happening, will not be given back to the Palestinians during the peace process. So it appears that the boarders have pretty well been determined. Many people have suspected that there have been secret negotiations all during this time of shuttle diplomacy by Secretary of State John Kerry. Everything is being perfectly orchestrated even to the point that Netanyahu said, alright, in order to pacify the right wing of my coalition, I’m going to make these announcements. So I don’t want you to be surprised, it will look like I’m throwing mud in your face and there will be a lot of reaction in the media, however, you know exactly what’s going on. I’m only announcing building in areas that we do not intend to give up during these talks. Now this is really interesting because one of the areas where most of the building projects were announced is East Jerusalem. The Palestinians have said repeatedly there will be no peace unless East Jerusalem becomes the capital of the newly created Palestinian state. However, other people are saying to us that there will be an interim peace agreement and that Israel is going to keep all of Jerusalem in this interim peace agreement. Now it looks like that contention is in fact what is carrying the day. Another thing that is so very interesting is that Yossi Beilin who was the Chief Architect of the Oslo Accords back in 1991-1993 is actually saying to Netanyahu, ‘surprise us’. You’re supposed to be right wing and yet here you are making peace. And it’s usually the right wing Prime Ministers that have made peace.


Surprise Us

There is an article that quotes Yossi Beilin who was a very left leaning liberal person working under Shimon Peres, and he was the architect of the Oslo agreement back in 1993. He’s quoted saying, “Come on Bebe, surprise us.” It’s just that the right always said you’re exaggerating the demographic fears, you’re jumping at shadows for anyone still in doubt. Today there is a Jewish majority of only 53% of the entire territory, west of the Jordan River, the sovereign state of Israel, the West Bank in Gaza, and that includes Russian immigrants who are not Jewish. In a few short years, we won’t have a majority and Bebe gets that. Now the big argument as far as demographics is that the Jews will be in the minority in the land of Israel unless the territory is split, and unless there becomes two states for two peoples. Now then Benjamin Netanyahu has embraced this formula. It was two or three years ago now that his speech at Bar llan University, he endorsed two states for two peoples. Well it looks like he is moving on that track more than once. In my experience, most people, even leaders don’t know exactly what they want apart from to succeed. The job of those around them is to present them with the opportunity to do the right thing. I want to give Bebe the benefit of the doubt that he does want to do something important before he leaves office. He had said more than once, I’ll surprise you yet. So come on, surprise us, Beilin says.


This Will Mark Final Seven Years

Why does all this matter? Your Bible prophesies that there’s going to be a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis with the support of the International Community. When this agreement takes place, it will mark the beginning of the final seven years to the battle of Armageddon and the final seven years to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. Now not only that, but also that peace agreement will mark the beginning of a three and a half year period that will culminate with the revealing of the Antichrist to the world. But most of the world won’t call him Antichrist, some will even call him the real Christ or the Messiah. Nevertheless, at that time the Bible says then will that man of sin, the son of perdition be revealed. So if they get this deal done, which John Kerry hopes to have done in nine months, will start the final seven years.



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