US Having Its Coldest Six Month Period Since 1912

(To date, October-March temperatures are the coldest since 1899 – but they will rise some before the end of the month – and may pass 1912.) Read More: US Having Its Coldest Six Month Period Since 1912 | Real Science.

Democrats hold all-night ‘talkathon’ on climate change

It was a lot of hot air about a lot of hot air.   Democrats took to the Senate floor Monday night to talk about global warming and did not let up until morning.   “Climate change is real, it is caused by humans, and it is solvable,” said Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii.   In […]

Preparing to Rebuild the Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem

Minister of Housing and Construction Uri Ariel, a senior member of Israel’s government, has once again controversially called for the rebuilding of the Third Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Read More: Preparing to Rebuild the Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem | Politics | Learnist.

Priestess explains Wiccan practices and rituals in the modern era

Michelle Mueller stood with her arms raised high above her head in a “V,” palms facing up and head tilted back in prayer. Amid the bowed heads and folded hands at the Parliament of the World’s Religion in Barcelona 2004, she stuck out.   She was in the Goddess position, a traditional pose for a […]

Top Senator Accuses CIA of Spying on Congress

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Netanyahu: Iran Misleading World Leaders

Forty Iranian-furnished M-302 surface-to-surface rockets, 180 mortar shells and 400,000 rifles were seized last week when a ship loaded with cargo headed to militants in Gaza was apprehended by the Israeli navy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again cautioned the West not to be misled by Iran’s nuclear program diplomacy.

Cameron in Knesset trumpets benefits of peace, rather than chiding Israel on settlements

British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a warm speech to the Knesset on Wednesday, spelling out the possible benefits of a peace deal rather than chiding Israel for settlement construction. Read More: Cameron in Knesset trumpets benefits of peace, rather than chiding Israel on settlements | JPost | Israel News.

ANALYSIS: To understand Pope Francis, look to the Jesuits

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Figuring out why Pope Francis has upended so many expectations, how exactly he’s changed the Catholic Church in his first year and what he might be contemplating for the future has become a Catholic parlor game that is almost as popular as the pontiff himself. Read More: ANALYSIS: To understand Pope Francis, […]

Ukraine appeals to West as Crimea turns to Russia

Ukraine’s government appealed for Western help on Tuesday to stop Moscow annexing Crimea but the Black Sea peninsula, overrun by Russian troops, seemed fixed on a course that could formalize rule from Moscow within days.With their own troops in Crimea effectively prisoners in their bases, the new authorities in Kiev painted a sorry picture of […]

Labour rules out EU referendum

UK Labour leader Ed Miliband is to rule out an in/out referendum on EU membership before 2020 unless a new EU treaty proposal bids to transfer more power to Brussels. The promise will be part of a speech on Wednesday (12 March) by the Labour leader, whose party holds a slight poll lead over the […]

The Four Blood Moons | ETA News

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What is a blood moon?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and the moon. This blocks the sun’s rays from reflecting off the moon as normal. However, some of the sun’s rays curve around the earth causing the moon to appear red during a total eclipse. Because of its vivid color, a total lunar eclipse is often referred to by NASA as a Blood Red Moon.