Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East | Prophecy in the News


By Dave Robbins




We get a lot of questions via email and etc and we just want to answer a few of them today regarding prophecy in the news. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send it to us ( Hope you enjoy!

Sixth Trumpet War and the Peace Treaty

Rodrigo from Texas wants to know if the Sixth Trumpet War will take place before or after the peace treaty.

Middle East Peace Agreement

Chris from Georgia wants to know if the peace negotiations that John Kerry is working on will be a seven-year deal.

International Law is World Government

War in Syria alerts us to the presence of growing global governance Recent activities involving the Syrian conflict confirm that international law is already upon us. It is formed by treaties, diplomatic accords, conventions, and institutions that govern most aspects of interstate relations, extending even to the rights and responsibilities of individual citizens. It is […]

Another Jewish Holocaust Just Ahead

Another Jewish Holocaust Just Ahead

By Dave Robbins




Most of you are familiar with the original Holocaust that occurred in 1941-1945 in WWII where about 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler’s Nazi Regime; however the Bible predicts another Jewish Holocaust just ahead. The questions we need to know and answer are “Where exactly does it say this in the Bible?” and “When will it occur?”

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World War 3 and the Holocaust

Jane from Ohio pointed out that one-third of all mankind will die in WWIII, comparably, one-third of the Jewish people perished in the Holocaust. She wants to know if there is any significance between these two events considering they both implicate one-third of people perishing.

The prophecy of The Final 7 Years Before Armageddon

US Secretary of State John Kerry has set a goal of reaching a Middle East peace agreement by May 2014. If his “stated goal” is achieved, the final seven years to Armageddon will begin at that time.  The Final Seven Years By Irvin Baxter The Bible prophesies a seven-year period that will immediately precede the […]

The End of Freedom of Speech in America! Who is Behind it and Why?

As most of our readers know, my father-in-law Irvin Baxter, has hosted a nation-wide radio program called “Politics and Religion” since 1998. The program focuses mainly on the prophecies of the Bible. But, there is that rare occasion when Irvin will veer from prophecy and focus on a subject that is diametrically opposed to the […]

Israel’s Hospital for War

Israel’s Hospital for War | Prophecy in the News

By Jason Talley




The world largest and most advanced underground hospital was opened this week in response to the Syrian Civil War. This hospital’s main purpose is to keep patients below the ground away from any action that might take place. What exactly does this mean? Is Israel gearing up for Armageddon?

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The First Trumpet

David from Vermont asked how to reconcile some things like the first trumpet where it states that all the green grass was burned up. However, the scorched earth policy doesn’t literally mean burning up the entire earth. How do you tie the two together?