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A Special Message from Irvin Baxter

Irvin-Baxter-150x150I want to begin by thanking all of you for your continued and generous support of Endtime and its mission. I think we have the best partners in the entire world! Thank God for each of you!


The fulfillment of end time prophecy continues at an ever-increasing pace, and we don’t expect it to slow down. We anticipate it continuing to accelerate as we move through these final years leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon.


Following are some of the prophetic developments since I talked with you last month.


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Paris Middle East Summit Set for June 3, 2016

In last month’s letter, we told you about a summit planned for May 30 in Paris. Secretary of State John Kerry had a scheduling conflict for that date, consequently the date was moved to June 3.


The goal of this summit, to which twenty nations have been invited, is to define the parameters of a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement that the International Community believes should be accepted by both Palestinians and Israelis in order to bring their long-festering conflict to an end.


If an agreement can be reached at the summit, the next planned step is an international conference yet this summer that Israelis and Palestinians will be invited to attend. The purpose will be to achieve an agreement by the International Community on solving the 68-year-old conflict, once and for all.


If this can be achieved, the agreement would then be adopted by the UN Security Council in a UN resolution, thus enshrining the agreement in international law. This would obligate all parties to fulfill the provisions of the agreement or else face international economic sanctions or even military invasion.


Paris is pushing for this agreement now in hopes that it can be passed by the UN Security Council while President Obama is still in office. Many people believe he would be willing to allow the resolution to pass without using the U.S. veto power to block it.


If all of these developments successfully come to pass, the agreement would be the one prophesied in scripture that will signal the beginning of the Final Seven Years to Armageddon. Think of it! The possibility really exists that the Final Seven Years could begin yet in 2016!


Will it happen? Yes, it’s going to happen. The only thing we can’t say for sure is whether it will happen yet in 2016. If not, it will happen later. How much later? We can’t say for certain, but it looks like all the conditions are lining up for it to happen very soon. Will it be 2016? 2017? 2018? We will just have to wait and see!

Leading Advocate for Sharing Temple Mount Joins Knesset

Yehuda Glick has been a personal friend of mine for several years. He also has become the number one advocate for the sharing of the Temple Mount and the building of Israel’s Third Temple. In 2014, he was shot four times at point-blank range by an Arab terrorist. Amazingly, he not only survived, but has completely recovered from his injuries.


Through an unusual series of events Glick has now been made a member of the Israeli Knesset. This means that he will be able to promote the sharing of the Temple Mount from within the government. Since we know the Bible prophesies the Temple Mount will be shared and the temple will be built, this development is of very special importance.

Possible Significance of U.S. Elections

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, America has been a central player in promoting the New World Order, which is nothing less than a one-world government. We have promoted and signed international treaties, we have attempted to strengthen the United Nations and the Obama administration has totally abolished U.S. borders. All of this is being done under the guise of globalization. This is not just taking place in America, it is taking place throughout the world. In Europe illegal immigrants are flooding in by the millions. The impetus for these developments is the belief in one-world government. While recently speaking at the graduation ceremonies of Northeastern University, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said to the graduates, “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”


Interestingly, one of the central issues of the current presidential campaign is whether we should have borders to live in a borderless world. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has become famous for his call to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. He contends that if we do not have an enforced border we do not have a country. It is obvious that he is right, but it is also obvious that the other side in the election does not want us to have a country. They are determined to push us into their borderless world called the New World Order.


The Bible prophesies that the United States will not be an integral part of the the world government of the end time. We are depicted in the prophecies as defending Israel against the Antichrist and his one-world governmental system. This could very well be the reason that U.S. sovereignty vs. globalism has become the central issue of the coming presidential election.

Latest Developments at Endtime

At Endtime Ministries we have been working for some time toward the production of a new television program once per week and successfully produced the first one recently. This will make new and fresh programming available to our TV audience. We are also producing a new 14 lesson series called Prophecies of Daniel and a 22 lesson series called Revelation Commentary. These projects present considerable challenges so we ask for your prayers concerning this.

Fall Prophecy Tour: October 27 – November 7, 2016

Our spring prophecy tour was absolutely outstanding! It seems like each one gets better and better. Our fall prophecy tour will be 12-days totally focused on the Holy Land. Many are already signing up. It promises to be a great tour! Enclosed you will find a brochure describing what will be included in this tour. If you have a desire to visit the Promise Land, there will never be a better time than now. Judy and I would love to have you go to Israel with us. We will be with you every step of the way. This tour will feature our annual Israeli prophecy conference in downtown Jerusalem and special prophecy briefings at each of our major stops. You will learn the historical and Biblical events that have occurred in Israel in the past. You will also learn the prophetic fulfillments that are happening right now and what will take place in the very near future.


To learn more about this fall’s prophecy tour, call 1-800-ENDTIME (1-800-363-8463) and ask to speak to someone about the tour.


Partners, my number one request to each of you is that you would remember the entire Endtime staff and myself in your prayers. The greatest revival the world has ever known is just ahead of us. Endtime is working daily to be ready to play its part in this upcoming revival. That’s the reason we so urgently need your prayers!

One More Thing

Think of what could happen if every Endtime partner would recruit another person to become a partner. This would allow us to go on the leading Christian television network of Europe, enabling us to reach the Christians and Jews of Europe who will be under the reign of the Antichrist in just a few short years. Besides this, many other important things could be accomplished as we prepare for the culmination of end time events and the greatest revival the world has ever known. Is there one person you could convince to do what you are doing and partner with Endtime? Why not give it a try?


Once again partners, thanks for all you do. Judy and I love you and pray God’s richest blessings upon you!



God bless each of you!


Because the Endtime is Now!


Irvin Baxter


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