Irvin Baxter Returning to TBN

Irvin Baxter Returning to TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network

End of the Age – Mondays – Starting April 20 – 8:30 PM EST

(7:30 PM CST, 6:30 PM MST, 5:30 PM PST)


We are very happy to report that starting April 20, 2015 our weekly television program will once again be aired on TBN every Monday at 8:30 PM EST.


TBN is the world’s largest religious network and America’s most watched faith channel. TBN offers 24 hours of commercial-free inspirational programming that appeals to people in a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish denominations.


We are a small non-profit that runs a high-traffic website, a weekly TV program, a daily radio show, a bi-monthly magazine, and more. Although we only have 40 team members, we are able to serve millions of people each month; and have costs like other world-wide organizations. We have very few third-party ads and we don’t receive government funding. We survive on the goodness of God, product sales, and donations from our wonderful partners. This endeavor with TBN will cost more than $500,000 over a year’s timeIf each person reading this gave $100, our bill would be covered for the entire year! Not everyone is able to support Endtime on that financial level, but everything is a blessing, perhaps more than you will ever know!


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Ways to Watch

  • DirectTV – CH 372
  • Dish Network – CH 260
  • Time Warner – CH 17
  • Verizon Fios – CH 295

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