My iPhone is the Mark of the Beast?!

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By Anthony Vandagriff


The world we live in today is so fast and almost everything we want is accessible instantly.  Need to know what a word means or when President Lincoln was born?  Just search it on Google and you’ll have the answer in about a second, maybe two seconds tops.  It’s almost impossible to fathom life without the internet or without a cell phone yet our parents and grandparents grew up without them.  I’ll be the first to say we are very fortunate today to have these advances in technology, but some would say these advances aren’t good for us.


The Bible talks about this sinister leader, known as the Antichrist, who will control the world and cause everyone to take a mark in their right hand or in their forehead and without this mark, people won’t be able to buy or sell.  Many people think this is likely some type of microchip and I tend to agree with that; however, some people think iPhones are exactly what the Bible was referring to.  Let’s face it, we likely tend to hold our phones in our right hand, and when we take a call we place the phone pretty close to our foreheads.  I know I can shop, pay bills, and check my bank account all from my phone.  Plus, the logo is an apple which was the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate.  It all adds up and makes perfect sense.  Actually, that’s a bunch of bologna.  First off, the mark is something permanent because once people accept it, they are forever condemned.  If I found out my iPhone meant I was condemned for eternity, Peyton Manning would have some competition because I’m launching my iPhone.  Sure I can buy and sell from my phone but I could also use a computer or a credit card.  There are too many possibilities regarding how one could pay with the mark, but a chip implanted under the skin sure would work.  Lastly, Adam and Eve did not eat an apple!  Everyone says that because the Sunday school story used an apple to help them understand it as little kids.  Apples are tasty and nowhere in the Bible will you find apples were the forbidden fruit.


Here’s what you need to know, the Bible calls the Antichrist the beast; when you read about the mark of the beast it means the mark of the Antichrist.  That means the mark won’t exist or be implemented until the Antichrist is in power.  The technology could exist but the real mark of the beast cannot.  Additionally, people will have to worship the Antichrist in order to receive the mark.  If you have an iPhone, you’re safe.  Technology is awesome and can be used for good although it will soon be used for bad.  Just pay attention to what’s going on and enjoy your iPhone; also don’t text and drive.

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12 Responses to “My iPhone is the Mark of the Beast?!”

  1. bkilpatr

    I don’t nessasarly think the ‘Mark of the Beast’ would be a mark that represents the beast himself, like a tattoo of a snake on your hand for example. It would be way too obvious. When I think about it, what is the Mark of the Beast? What primary impact has the beast already had on this world? It was a bite from the forbidden fruit that doomed us. Not the snake. The mark of the beast is the scar he left on humanity. Now take a look at Apple’s logo. Pretty intersting clue I think. Not to say Apple is the Anti-Christ, but it is pretty evident that new technology is pushing us in that direction. But what about Andriod? It dosen’t matter. Apple was the innovater and the first to release the smart phone as we know it. Android does the exact same thing, just with a different interface and a little better in my humbel opinion. Not many of us at this point are willing to have a microchip implanted into our hands or head. But we all have smart phones that we can use in the same way. One day some new verson of the smart phone will be released and we will use it for everything, even more than we do now.

  2. Antichrist is an has long already been in power its us! were all the antichrist. And not just playing around either for it does say the water where the beast comes out of is nations peoples and tongues. That means most people are. for they already give the Govt permission to rule over or for them now. Which btw fulfills revelations 17 where it says he will input into their minds hearts to give their power to the beast until the words of god be fulfilled.
    People have taught us that Romans 13 says for us to obey and submit to the higher powers etc… the word used was Exsousia which is the word power. But what they don’t tell you is Exousia doesn’t or doesn’t only mean power but liberty. Or:
    Thayer’s Greek Lexicon:



    1) power of choice, liberty of doing as one pleases

    1a) leave or permission
    so Romans 13 in it’s true meaning said
    “Let every soul be subject unto the higher liberty. For there is no liberty but of God: the liberties that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the liberty ,resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the liberty? Do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same.” Romans 13: 1,3
    Also Samuel says when Israel asked a king, he told Samuel that they don’t reject him but me he said. he also said they have worshiped other gods since I brought them out of Egypt. This should tell people then and there that human leaders are in place of our one true king and doing this is idolatry and replaces him with an earthly vessel. So a human leader is a replacement of God since it’s being idolatry is the same as saying an antichrist. You can’t get more antichrist than rejecting god to begin with. Rejecting god to begin with says you don’t believe in Jesus nor he came or that he resurrected as what Paul says is antichrist. he also says there are many so leaders all in one are all antichrists.
    the beasts in revelations are all govts even if they were kings they are forms of govts. they allowed kings to rule over them so they are all govts and agreeing to give their power to these beasts.
    presidents aren’t any different just because they are elected which again gives your power to the beast. We the USA are in the very least the two horned beast which isn’t spoken of as good as a lot of people keep saying just how much better we are than any other nation for were still a beast. We speak as a lamb when we say world peace and other things that denote meekness but we act like a dragon when we impose those laws on other countries through sanctions etc… the govt gets it’s power from us we give them the right to rule and kill us when we don’t do as the other people say. Anti gun anti smoking anti hunters, all the immigration stuff, women with the me too crap etc… are all antichrists and agree and are giving their power to the beast. the right as well give their power to the beast and the left and right are in cahoots with for they both want the same thing but different ways to get their. there is your antichrists.

  3. Tkefauver

    Why were the comments removed from this post administrator? There were many and mine was just about a month ago. I am here again though to refine what I said last month because it was not accurate. Darwin, a
    Apple’s proprietary FLAVOR of unix is/was the bible’s beast and as I said before, but again will describe more accurately – iphone(s) that YOU you use with active web enabled service are the only real antichrists that have or will ever exist. Get rid of yours (sell it on like I did as an easy way) and cautiously tell others (friends/coworkers/famiky) to as well and god will be merciful, your soul will be freed like mine has been as long as you try for others but DO yourself ok? I promise you this is truth.m! They are the REAL forbidden fruit but as I said god is merciful, get rid of it and you’ll be forgiven.

    The age of aquarius is ney, it starts Jan. 1st 2019. It is the deadline I have made for myself to bestow this world with the most important document to ever have been written and will be for the next 2,000 years (replacing king James bible). I am not a nut or an android salesman, no I am God’s father. The so-called 2nd coming but I digress…On jan 1st 2019 I will come back to this site and give them a self published copy to review and public link for purchase at $7.77 usd

      • In the new apple commercial. There is a subliminal message at the end… there is text that prints ‘phones are god’ (lowercase, but still) then backspaces to ‘phones are good’ I’m not a nutter, but I’ll be getting rid of mine this week

    • Christopher

      Please share the writing you have done! I would love to read your opinions. I’m a young believer, but I believe far more than most people I know. More so than those who claim to be. I see through many. You’re not a nut, you just care. Whether you are right or wrong, you are just curious like us all and have an opinion. Please share it with me 🙂

    • Oh John, I shouldn’t be surprised that’s the only feedback I got lol but since I’m his father or should I say Father? I don’t think he’ll mind…It’s strange and bold claim I know but I designed Him because he wanted me to I guess or I’m just all alone here with gravity monsters like you John. No offense.

      As far as sins go, I simply used the phone for a number of years and was trying to be helpful.

      As an aside, I wrote that comment to motivate myself to finish that book which I haven’t even started yet. I need more time so I call it ‘my 5 year plan’. If I don’t finish it by then or find some way to get the ball rolling I’m just going to reject any further thoughts of it, both are win-wins thank God!