The Dangerous Conflict With North Korea | June 2017

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has openly stated that North Korea will develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that will reach the United States. Since North Korea already possesses nuclear weapons, President Trump sees the development of missiles that can reach the U.S. as an existential threat to America. He has stated that under no circumstances will the U.S. allow North Korea to achieve this goal. However, Kim Jong-un seems determined to
press forward.


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This stand-off between the U.S. and North Korea is creating serious concerns throughout the world. Will the U.S. be forced to attack North Korea militarily? If so, would this possibly trigger World War 3? The situation with North Korea is very serious and should be a subject of prayer for all of us.

The Syrian Conflict

Russia, Turkey and Iran have reached a plan for Syria. They have agreed to establish four safe zones where Syrians can live in safety until the Syrian civil war can be brought to a conclusion. It is proposed that Russia, Turkey and Iran will enforce these safe zones with their troops.


This plan is very alarming since we know that Russia, Turkey and
Iran are all prophesied to invade Israel during the Battle of Armageddon. This plan means that all three of these powers will have their troops stationed in Syria – just across the border from Israel. It is astonishing how much the prophecies for the end time are lining up right now!

Preparing for Imminent Prophetic Fulfillments

President Trump has announced his goal of achieving a peace agreement between Israelis and the Palestinians. If he is successful in achieving this goal, the Final Seven Years to Armageddon will begin. At the same time, the festering conflicts in North Korea and up and down the Euphrates River in Syria threaten to ignite World War 3.

Knowing that either of these world-changing prophetic fulfillments could come to pass in the very near future, Endtime Ministries is urgently making preparations for these events. We are designing our websites in advance to serve as a guide when these fulfillments come to pass. We also are planning an evangelistic thrust to teach the entire world the significance of these unprecedented prophetic fulfillments.

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