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5 Proofs We Are in the Last Days

 By Dave Robbins




National ID

Senate on verge of historic immigration vote – 6-27-2103 

At its core, the legislation in the Senate includes numerous steps to prevent future illegal immigration, while at the same time it offers a chance at citizenship to the 11 million immigrants now living in the country unlawfully.

Businesses would be required to check on the legal status of prospective employees.


Global Governance

On climate change, Obama bypasses Congress with ambitious plan – Washington Post 6-25-2013 

The actions make clear that the president will bypass Congress in seeking to reshape the federal government and the nation’s electricity sector. While waging a “war on coal” by setting new limits on carbon emissions.


As in the Days of Lot

Supreme Court strikes down key part of DOMA, dismisses Prop. 8 case – CBS News 6-26-2013

The court struck down a provision of the 17-year-old Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that denies federal benefits — like Social Security benefits or the ability to file joint tax returns — to same-sex couples legally married.

Dismissed the Proposition 8 case leaving the door wide open for same-sex marriages in California


Middle East Peace Treaty

Breakthrough possible on Middle East peace – The Columbus Dispatch– 6-27-2013

According to the reports, Netanyahu’s goodwill gestures include freeing more than 100 Palestinian prisoners and freezing all new construction outside Jewish settlement blocks in the West Bank.

Abbas, meanwhile, would drop his request for Israel to officially declare that the peace talks are being conducted on the basis of the 1967 border lines.


6th Trumpet War

Analysis: Syria becomes multi-national war – Jerusalem Post 6-26-2013

The existing balance of power within the international community is at stake in Syria and thus requires active US intervention in the conflict, President Barack Obama decided this week, after hearing arguments from the leaders of multiple allied countries across Europe and the Sunni world.

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  1. Connie
    Connie says:

    U.N. “Security Council sanctions, which it says are erasing its people’s “right of existence.” WHAT right of existence do the people of N Korea have NOW under K J Un? What a joke! I hope he doesn’t get away with this.


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