World War 3 and the Holocaust

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Does WW3 and the Holocaust correlate in any way?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Jane from Ohio pointed out that one-third of all mankind will die in WWIII, comparably, one-third of the Jewish people perished in the Holocaust. She wants to know if there is any significance between these two events considering they both implicate one-third of people perishing.


ANSWER: I can’t tell you for sure whether both are related, but is there any way that the Holocaust fulfilled the prophecy about WWIII? I don’t see any way that’s possible. The Bible says that the war that will kill one-third of mankind must emanate from the Euphrates River. There’s no way you can say that Hitler’s Holocaust emanated from the Euphrates River. Plus, it says in Revelation 9:13-21, that one-third of mankind will be destroyed, it doesn’t mention anything about one-third of the Jewish people. So as far as them possibly being the same thing, I don’t believe they are. Why do they both say, ‘one third’, that I can’t answer for sure.

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