Will War be Eliminated by Government?

It must be noted that a war is coming that will emanate from the Middle East region and result in the killing of one-third of the world’s population. This war is called the Sixth Trumpet War or World War 3 because it will occur at the sounding of the Sixth Trumpet as described in Revelation 9:13-18. This war will take place just before, or shortly after, the peace agreement is signed. The Bible does tell us that it must take place, at the latest, before the final three and one-half years begins. It could conceivably happen at any time now.

In the aftermath of the Sixth Trumpet War, in which 2.3 billion human beings will have died, the cry for a global organization that can prevent war will be deafening. The International Community will adopt a world-governing entity to eliminate the possibility of a global war ever taking place again. The nations of the world will surrender their sovereignty to the new world government so that it can eliminate war completely.


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