Will all of Israel be Saved?

January 23, 2015   |   Category: Ask Irvin   |  

How Will all of Israel be Saved?

By Irvin Baxter

Question: Rob from Indiana called to ask Irvin, “What does it mean that all of Israel will be saved? Does this mean all Jews or a certain elect of Jews?”


Answer:  That debate is big in Israel in itself; they have a lot of debates over who is a Jew and who is not a Jew. But in my mind when it says all of Israel shall be saved, I think it is referring to all of the people that are living in Israel at the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Now we know that two-thirds of Israel is going to be destroyed during the battle of Armageddon and during the Great Tribulation period. The Bible says that God will bring one-third through the fire. Zechariah 13 however, when Jesus comes, that’s when the Jews will run out to meet their Messiah and they will look at His hands and say, “Where did you get these nail prints?” And He will say that He received them in the house of His friends. And this is when they will believe that He is Jesus and that is where you will have this massive shift in Israel and all that have survived the Great Tribulation, the wrath of God.

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