Time Shortened for the Elect’s Sake

Is Time Shortened for the elect or for everyone?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: David from Virginia asks, “Matthew 24:21-22 talks about the Great Tribulation and it also indicates that this time will be shortened for the elect’s sake. So is this shortened only for the elect or is the whole three and a half years shortened?


ANSWER: We don’t know exactly when the shortening of the days will occur but we do know that under the fourth trumpet there is a shortening of the days because Jesus said in the prophecy that the sun would not shine for one-third of the day and the moon would not shine for one-third part of the night. If the days are to be shortened; we don’t know if this is talking about the shortening of the number of days or the shortening of each day. I believe that it has to be the shortening of each day because if you shorten the number of days you will have to change the Bible. Daniel Chapter 12 specifically gives the number of days from the antichrist to the abomination of desolation until the wrapping up of all things.

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