Shortened Days

January 21, 2015   |   Category: Ask Irvin   |  

Did God Shorten the Days for Prophecies?

By Irvin Baxter

Question: Bruce from Kentucky called to ask Irvin, Do you think God is shortening the days so the prophecies can all happen?


Answer: I wrestled with this question because there is no debate that there’s going to be a shortening of the days. Jesus Himself prophesied that in Matthew 24 when He was teaching us about signs of the end time. He said except those days be shortened there should no flesh be saved. Now that appears to be saved alive. Mankind is on such a downhill plunge to destruction, that probably using nuclear weapons we would destroy the world, except the days will be shortened. Then the next big question is, are we talking about shortening the number of days or shortening the length of each day? If you go to Revelation 8:10-11 when the 4th Trumpet sounds, the Bible says the sun would not shine for one-third part of the day, the moon would not shine for one-third part of the night. Which seems to teach that the shortening of the days will occur by shortening the time the sun shines and shortening the times the moon shines, which would mean that the length of each day will be shortened.

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