Saved by Works?

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What is the Importance of Christian Baptism?

Is Water Baptism a Work?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Ken from Michigan stated, The Bible says that if I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in my heart that God raised him from the dead, I will be saved. And it also says that we are saved by grace through faith, not works. Furthermore, Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be in paradise with him that same day; he didn’t tell him to be baptized first. And so I disagree with the Pentecostal perspective of water baptism.


ANSWER: Regarding the thief on the cross, we know that he could not be born again because the plan of being born again was not yet provided. The plan of being born again was provided through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And as far as water baptism being a work… I had a good friend; he was a really nice guy and a very successful businessman. He knew what I believed about being born again and about how water baptism was a part of being born again. We ran into each other one day at McDonalds, and as soon as he saw me he said, “I like you. I would attend your church but you believe that baptism is required for salvation and I can’t believe that because salvation is not of works, and baptism is a work.” So I said to him, “Let me ask you one question, do you believe that someone must repent of their sins to be saved?” He looked at me and said, “I do believe that, and I know what you’re going to say and I can’t answer you.” This was of course because he did believe that a person must repent for their sins. The bottom line is this, I do not believe repentance, nor water baptism is a work. As a matter of fact, Titus 3:5 says that we’re not saved by works of righteousness, lest any man should boast, but we are saved by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost. So Jesus is the one who did the work; he’s the one who died, was buried, and rose again.


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36 Responses to “Saved by Works?”

  1. Liz Dunbar

    I am so glad Israelites come from a fierce warrior backround. I am sure they can take care of themselves up to a point. I am afraid Iran will eventually get them, because of Bible prophecy.

  2. Richard Ansons

    If only Israel could put his trust in this “precise arrow” rather than in his technology … But He will do it at the critical time for him and with a lot of pain.

    Is.49:2 And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword, he hath concealed me under the shadow of his hand, and he hath made me a polished shaft: in his quiver hath he hidden me.

    With Google translator:
    If only Israel could put his trust in this “precise arrow” rather than in his technology … But He will do it at the critical time for him and with pain.
    2Cor.10:3 For walking in flesh, we do not war according to flesh.
    :4 For the arms of our warfare [are] not fleshly, but powerful according to God to [the] overthrow of strongholds;

  3. Melvin Lelko

    When are “Christians” going to realize that the 4th Cmdt. states “REMEMBER” for a reason ? When are Christians going to keep the Sabbath, Fri. sunset to Sat. sunset, as established by GOD and not Sunday, the SUN-god, established by Man, Roman Emperor Constantine 1, with an Edict in about 325 AD ??????? What a messed up world we live in !

  4. Eric Bolling

    I’m glad the Israelis are the “Superpower” of the Middle- East. They have to be of course, because of their neighbors. But it’s because of the direct blessings of God that they are able to do this! I wish Boeing would have a bit more sense and just work with Israel. I know that they are right now working on some aircraft for Iran as well. Pick a side over your pocket book!

    • Kathryn Johnson

      Amen to that!!! I agree dear man.God bless you, Eric Bolling!!! I have been praying for you and I miss you so much on Fox. Their big loss! May God continue to bless and comfort you. I was so saddened when your only son passed on to GLORY!!! You will see him again in Eternity with our Lord Jesus. Keep the faith. Prayers and hope…