Investing in Political Change

Is pursuing political change futile?

By Irvin Baxter


QUESTION: Shawna from Washington asked, Is it futile to pursue political change in the light of knowing the truth and what’s ahead? Since we know that things are not going to get better, but will rather get worse, then what should we do? Do we keep voting and pursuing the change we want to see?


ANSWER: I certainly think that we can keep voting and pursuing it, but I don’t think that’s where we should spend a large share of our time. I think we ought to spend the large share of our time converting people by teaching God’s Word. If you teach a person God’s Word, and they come to believe the Bible, most all of these issues will be settled immediately. Politics is the devil’s method of ruling the world; the church is God’s method of ruling the world. That’s the reason that I say all the time, we need a revival of true biblical Christianity that preaches the entire Bible; doesn’t skip anything. So that’s the key to turning this nation around. Is there a chance to turn the US around? I believe there is. I’m sad to say, I doubt it will happen without judgment falling upon us, and I wish that were not true. I do not want judgment to fall on America, but I know there is a war coming that is going to wipe out one-third of mankind. I’m almost positive the US is going to be a part of that war and we may lose 20 to 50 million people, just because of the rampant, ungodliness, and sin that has pervaded our society. And if judgment is the only way for America to get back on track, then I say, just let it happen. I’d like for it to be another way, but if this is the only way, I would rather have judgment with revival, than to keep going the way that we are going.

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