Noah’s Flood and the Tsunami

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Many images and ideas come to mind when people think of Noah’s flood. Quite often though, what most people envision is far from the actual cataclysmic event that forever changed the planet. On December 26, 2004 the Earth experienced another cataclysmic event that has forever changed this planet.


As creationists have studied and continue to study the geology of our Earth, they find evidence to support the flood of Noah’s day.


Mountains arose and valleys sunk down. In fact, our Earth took six violent swings at the time of Noah’s flood. These swings were an outcome of the uneven forces that were applied to the Earth. There is evidence that our planet stood straight up on its axis in the original creation; however, it now is tilted at a 23 1/2 degree angle.


This angle provides us with the four seasons that we experience today in the postflood world. In like fashion, the recent tsunami moved islands, and it also made the Earth again wobble.


The international weekly journal of science, Nature, reported on January 6, 2005 that due to the recent earthquake in the Indian Ocean the sea floor was “forced up by 10 meters” and “created a low amplitude wave traveling at up to 900 mph.” The resulting tsunami also made the Earth wobble. Also according to the article, the event “has literally redrawn the map moving some islands by up to 20 meters.” With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at Noah’s flood.


The Bible records the details of the flood in Genesis 7. Verse 11 specifically describes the fountains of the great deep breaking up and the windows of heaven opening. In other words, forces from opposite ends of the spectrum had a meeting, and it was violent.


The “windows of heaven” refers to the canopy of water that God placed at the time of creation between our atmosphere and outer space. The fountains of the deep would include the volcanic activity and what we know today as geysers or geothermal vents.


The once stable tropic environment known as the pre-flood world became the stage for a cataclysmic event. The deep cold of space fell, doing battle with the deep heat released from the underground volcanoes and earthquakes. Compare this dynamic with what we know today about divergent weather patterns. When a cold front meets a warm front the result is bad weather. Well, in Noah’s flood “bad weather” would have been an understatement, for it occurred in extremes and worldwide. Water and ice came crashing down from the heavens meeting the lava and intense heat that arose from beneath the Earth’s surface.


Fast-forward to present day when many living in a tropical paradise found themselves under a veil of water from the unmatched power of a tsunami created by one single earthquake. Over 200,000 lost their lives. Events such as this tsunami tragedy clearly display how this Earth and its features can be changed in a very short timeframe.


Events such as these provide invaluable information for creationists, who study the flood of Noah’s day. We see all the evidence in the geological world surrounding us, but to see the power of these earthquakes and tsunamis completely verify the teachings of Biblical scientists.


Anyone on this planet can see the evidence of what the flood’s power did on a grand scale about 4,400 years ago, such as carving the Grand Canyon, creating the mountains all over the world, and placing the giant ice caps centered at the magnetic poles. In 1980, Mt. St. Helens provided tremendous proof of the extent of damage, which can be created by an earthquake and a volcano. About 3,000 feet of the mountain was blown from the northern slope, and the Toutle River Canyon was formed in hours. This is just another example showing how quickly these events can occur. The layering and carving found at Mt. St. Helens were created in a matter of days and in some cases just minutes. However, according to evolutionary teaching these types of features are always viewed as having taken hundreds of millions of years to form. One example is the lava dome that sealed the volcano and ended the eruptions. It took five months to form. When evolutionary based radiometric dating methods were used to date the new lava dome, the results came back reporting the dome to be hundreds of millions of years old. The dates included a tremendous range of time, but none were accurate.


With the tsunami, we have now been able to document the power of an earthquake in the ocean. The effects of volcanic activity, moving water, and massive death to humanity and the plant and animal kingdoms can be measured. Valuable information will no doubt be collected and studied for years. Indeed, all good science will always verify what the Bible says. “Thy word is truth,” as Jesus states in John 17:17.


We have experienced again, 25 years after Mt. St. Helens, another event, which shows on a small scale the effects we see on a larger scale regarding Noah’s flood. As a creation scientist, I teach people weekly about Noah’s flood and the phenomenal affects it had on this planet. As reported in Nature, “The total force released was enough to jolt the entire planet.” This shows us how much damage “even just a little” moving water can do. God not only jolted the planet at the time of the flood, but He totally refashioned it through volcanoes, flooding, hydrologic sorting and falling precipitation.


The Bible discusses that at the end of this age the heaven will depart like a scroll, every mountain and island will be moved out of their places and the elements will melt with fervent heat. Although we may not yet be able to fully comprehend what these events entail, we have seen what can quickly happen to our planet by just one earthquake


By Steve Grohman

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