Exclusive interview with Mr. Lindsey Williams

“Oil will soon be $50 a barrel.”

Editor’s note: At the time of this interview, August 5, 2008, which was conducted just prior to the global economic crisis, crude oil was approximately $119.00 per barrel. It was only a few weeks prior that the price of oil reached a record $147.27 per barrel in July. Lindsey Williams told Irvin Baxter that a member of the global elite informed him that the powers that be would cause the price of oil to drop to nearly $50.00 per barrel in coming months. He let him know this would be in conjunction with major economic turmoil. We find it very interesting that as we go to press, much of this information has become reality.


The predictions made in this interview by Mr. Lindsey are not necessarily endorsed by Endtime Ministries.


Irvin: Mr. Lindsey Williams has written a number of books, including The Energy Non-Crisis. In this book, Lindsey, you claim there are powers that control the price and supply of oil, and they use this power to run the world. Give us a little background and quickly recap what put you in the position to know things that the average person does not know.


Lindsey: I had been a pastor of a church for 12 years when the Lord called me to go to Alaska as an aviation missionary. Just after arriving there, they announced they were going to build the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline. The very first thing that came to a missionary’s mind is that 25,000 pipe-liners must need some spiritual guidance. So, I went to Alyeska Pipeline Service Company that was consulting with nine major oil companies that were going to build that pipeline. I said, “Don’t you need a chaplain on the pipeline?” They laughed at me at first, but I kept going back until they said okay. Six months later, Mr. Ulrich King, personal relations man with Alyeska, came to me and said, “Chaplain, we never knew the value of the chaplain of a pipeline before.” He said, “We would like to make life a little easier for you up here by giving you executive status.” I said, “What does that mean?” He said, “When you’re in Prudhoe Bay, you can stay in executive dorms and go anyplace you’d like, see anything you’d like to see, and we would like to invite you to sit in on our board meetings in an advisory capacity.” This was to help the relationship between management and labor. Irvin, I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was getting into. There positively is a handful of people who control the world. It is not a conspiracy. It is an agenda. They know exactly what they’re doing. For three years, by God’s providence, I sat with, had an opportunity to live in the dorms with, and eat across the dinner table from the people who tell the president what to do. They also dictate to Congress what bills to pass, tell the Arabs what they’re going to give them for a barrel of oil and control the currencies of the world.


Irvin: If they knew there was a possibility that you would go talk about it, why did they let you be privy to these things?


Lindsey: I don’t think they thought I would ever understand what I was seeing. Here I am, a minister, a man of the cloth. I went to that oil field, and it’s a whole different world when you sit across the breakfast table from the international secretary treasurer of Exxon and you can pick his brain. In politics, no matter what it may be in this world, it all is planned in advance.


Irvin: I think President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Truman said that, so, you’re repeating what they have said.


Lindsey: Yes, and believe me, I would have never believed that had I not sat with the people who did it and listen to what they have to say. After living with these people for 35 years and writing six books, I have always known that there’s a line out there and if I ever crossed it, I would be in trouble. On radio talk shows in the past 35 years, people have asked, “Have you ever been threatened?” I have never answered that question until the past two weeks, but it has happened twice. In 1984, I was called in. A very prominent pastor in Denver, Colorado went with me to the meeting. I refused to go by myself and I was told some things that I could not say anymore, and if I did, I would suffer the consequences.


Then, I probably had the most startling call of my life eight weeks ago. A gentleman called me; I knew who he was. I have not seen him for 20-25 years. He knows everything that goes on behind closed doors with the elite. He’s retired now, but you never retire from these people once you are part of them. He said, “Chaplain, I’m calling because you’ve gone too far, and there are some things you can’t say anymore.” He said, “You can’t say this, this, and this any longer, if you do, we’re going to do this, this and this,” and it wasn’t very pleasant. I knew better than to argue with a man like this. These people have the power to control Congress, to tell the President what to do, to take the life of John F. Kennedy because he tried to go a step too far with them. If they could shoot President Reagan in order to bring him in line, they would have no trouble with Lindsey Williams, whatsoever. I took his threat very much to heart.


I can’t say those things anymore. If I did, I’d jeopardize my life, my wife, and my family. So, within 24 hours time, I closed down my website. I called up my 800 service and said don’t sell another DVD on The Non-Energy Crisis under any circumstances what so ever. After I’d done all of this, I called the gentleman back and asked, did you notice that I’ve done what I said? He said, “Well I’m surprised, we didn’t expect you to do it this quickly, and I assure you that, now you don’t have to worry about us anymore, we’re going to keep our word.” For 5 weeks Irvin, I did not appear on a single radio talk show. These people have kept their word and so have I. If you see my old DVD and the new one, you will know what it is they didn’t want me to talk about. The important part, Irvin, is what he told me next. I decided I’d be friendly with him. After all, I knew this man well. He knew me as a Chaplain and what I stood for. He became very polite, and at that point I asked some questions.


Now, get your pencil out. I’m going to tell you everything that the elite have planned for the next 12 months. I asked him the price of crude oil because the price of gasoline at the pump is affecting Americans and their families – where is it going? He said, “Well it’s going to go up some more.” I tried to get him to say how much; but he wouldn’t. But I gathered it’s going up another dollar before it collapses.


Now you can take this to the bank. This man said, “The price of crude oil is going to $50.00 per barrel.” I was stunned. I said, “Wait a minute, I need to understand this correctly, $50 a barrel?” He said, “Yes.” I asked, “How are you going to do it?” He answered, “We’re opening up two major oil fields.” (One of them you’ll remember was announced on Fox News last week) I asked, “Would you mind telling me where they are?” He said, “I don’t mind at all. The world doesn’t know about it yet, but they will shortly. One is in Indonesia.” (Notice neither one is in America. America is going to be kept dependent on foreign oil. They are not going to allow us to open up the north slope of Alaska, the huge oil field in Montana, nor the one in Utah.) He said, “These oil fields are in Indonesia and north of Russia. These two oil fields are ready to go.” They never told the world about it. They’ve kept it a secret. There is more known reserves of crude oil recoverable from these two fields than all of the Middle East combined; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait. He said, “We’re going to bring them on-line and force the price of crude oil down to $50 a barrel.” I wouldn’t dare say this if it had not been told me by one of the people that I know knows what goes on behind closed doors. Now, my mind was running a thousand miles an hour, and I said, “Why are you going to do this?” He said, “Chaplain, Iran is really bothering us, and we haven’t been able to handle that situation, yet. They’re becoming the richest nation on the face of the earth; we cannot allow them to go much further.”


Think for a moment, now. The Middle East have built their culture based on $143-$144 a barrel of oil, and when it collapses to $50 a barrel, what’s it going to do to them? It is literally going to devastate and destroy them. He put it to me this way, “Chaplain, you don’t understand the Arab culture.” For about 15 minutes he lectured me on how an Arab thinks. Then he said, they’ll literally…I’ll put it in my own words, bankrupt. They’re going to literally put the Arabs back a hundred years when nomads were roaming the desert, riding camels. Look back in history. The elite of the world destroys one culture, then builds another.


They’re going to build another culture that frightens me to no end because it is in perfect accord with Ezekiel 38 and 39, and with many of the prophetic words of the book of Revelation.


The oil field is eight times bigger than Saudi Arabia, 90 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Think what’s going to happen to America. You’re going to have gasoline $2 to $2.50 a gallon at the gas pump. The average American is going to jump up and down in the streets, shout Halleluiah and say; we’ve got back our great American dream again.


But I’d like to make a prediction: This is mine; it didn’t come from this man. Give it 4-6 weeks after the price goes to $50 a barrel and you are going to see the most horrific event take place in America that you’ve ever seen in your life. Every nation over the face of the earth has what is called a reserve currency. That is, what they hold back for a rainy day. Then all of a sudden, when they have depended on $144 a barrel for oil and it goes to $50 a barrel, what are they going to do? They will dump their reserve currencies as fast as they can get rid of them. We have approximately a 10 trillion dollar national debt in America. The interest on that debt is paid by T-Bills and Federal Reserve Issues that are issued every so often. Most of the nations of the world buy them. When the oil producing countries can no longer buy those T-Bills, and pay for the interest on our national debt, what happens to the American dollar when these oil producing countries have to dump their reserve currency overnight in order to keep and maintain their economies? It is going to utterly devastate, destroy, and collapse the American dollar. When you go to the grocery store with a wheel barrow load of dollars in order to buy a loaf of bread…do you realize this gives a perfect excuse to bring in the North American Union and the new currency? The American people will be begging the Federal Reserve to bail them out, just like the banks have been doing here lately.


Then I said, “In light of all of these things, what can the average American expect?” He said, “Chaplain Williams, the United States of America is going to see a financial condition that is going to be so severe that it will take years to come out.” Now, I had to ask him to qualify this if I could. I said, “What do you mean? Are you talking about a 1929 Depression?” He would not say that. Over the next 15 minutes, he kept repeating numerous times, it is going to take years for it to come out of the financial condition that it’s going to be in.


I want you to notice something. You can go back and look this up in the archives on the web, May 3, 2008, the CEO of Exxon Mobile, who made more profit last year than any corporation in the history of the world, stated over national news, “Crude oil should be $50 a barrel.” How did he know it? He knew it from the same source that my source knew it from. How did my source that called me, know that they were going to open up an oil field north of Russia? How did Fox News know it Thursday of last week and made it headline news on that day that they were going to do this? The retired CEO of Shell Oil, (June 2 in the Wall Street Journal) who now has gone to work for our president, said America must have a new energy policy. He never said what it was going to be. I’ll tell you what it’s going to be. I knew how to read his buzzwords. One of the first things that I learned when I lived with the elite, years ago was to listen to their buzzwords. No oil, no major oil fields in America will be allowed to be produced. They’re going to open up other oil fields in the two parts of the world that I told you about, and in turn America will get dependent on foreign oil from now on. They will literally drain us dry. They’re not going to allow alternative methods of fuel to be developed. I’ve only had time to touch on a part of all this, but I produced a 1 hour DVD, but wasn’t satisfied with that and prepared a CD that says more than I was willing to say on the DVD (call 800-321-2900 to order “The Next 12 Months”).


After he had gone over all of this I said to this man, “You know, I’m considering going back into the ministry and, after your call today, you pretty much sealed it for me.” I won’t be doing many more broadcasts, because I’m planning to do just that. Irvin, his answer to me is so classical. He said, “Chaplain, I think that would be a great idea, both for your sake and ours, this would be a great thing for you to do. I wish you the very best in it and God bless you.” You know what I thought about? I thought about George Bush…God bless America. The first thing that came to my mind was: What god are you talking about? – The god of this world; the prince of the power of the air? These people do have a god. So did Cain and Able. One was accepted, one was rejected. Irvin, you’re telling them how to be accepted by bringing the right sacrifice before the Lord. But these people have a god, so distinguish which one they’re talking about when you hear these people use these expressions.


Irvin: Let’s make sure it is the God that’s described in the Bible. That’s the reason we’re given the Word of God, so we can know God in truth. One last question: I know you were in Alaska and there was a huge oil discovery made up there. However, before it could be reported, what happened?


Lindsey: That was one of the things they told me not to talk about. The only way you’ll hear it is to get my old DVD, compare it to the new DVD. They do not want America’s oil fields open. They are going to keep us dependent on foreign oil. They are literally going to drain us dry of everything they can get out of us financially. You’ll see a few bills go through Congress and they’ll get right to the point of passing and all of a sudden, you’ll see every single one of them vetoed by either the President or the House or the Senate or somebody.


Irvin: So, are Republicans or Democrats controlled by the oil people or both?


Lindsey: Everything in Washington is controlled with exception of two or three people, and the congressmen are bought. That’s why, when they asked the big oil company executives to appear before them recently, they would not take an oath. And that’s the same reason they all but laughed at the congressmen, because they know without their donations they would never be able to have their campaigns in the future.


The following is from a follow-up interview with Mr. Williams on November 3rd.


Irvin: Back in our interview on August 5th, Mr. Lindsey Williams rocked a lot of boats by making some statements about oil and the future of oil. Oil was $119.00 per barrel at that time and he said it would soon be going down to $50.00 per barrel and that there was going to be a major financial collapse. Today the price is at $63.00 per barrel. With the financial crisis we’re in, we see big banks gobbling up little banks, and I’ve assumed that the plan was to concentrate the control of the world’s finances in as few hands as possible, which would give them total control of the world. Is that a correct assessment?


Lindsey: It’s positively part of their plan.


Irvin: You had also said that the powers that be had chosen John McCain to be the next President of the United States.


Lindsey: That statement was made to me that they wanted John McCain, but these people are not God. These people don’t always succeed.


Irvin: Sarah Palin has signed for the building of a pipeline for natural gas. Bring us up-to-date on that.


Lindsey: Natural gas is the cleanest method of generating electricity, and it could be used to generate cheap electricity all over America. But it’s being pumped back into the ground because they would not allow a natural gas pipeline alongside the same corridor of a crude oil pipeline. But when Sarah Palin became Governor of Alaska, she forced the issue. She wants not only the natural gas, but she wants the crude oil brought from the north slopes of Alaska. She knows it’s there. But the powers that be are not going to allow this. She may succeed on the natural gas, but they want to keep America dependent on foreign oil.


Now on October the 30th, it was announced by the Dow Jones News Wires that Saudi Arabia plans to significantly reduce crude oil production to prevent prices from dropping below $50.00 per barrel. And it went on to say that their $400 billion defense, energy, security and infrastructure projects will go lacking in funding if the price drops below $70.00 a barrel. They’re saying that Saudi Arabia now has a problem.


As these oil producing countries lose revenue, they can no longer buy the interest on our national debt, and in turn, when this happens, the Federal Reserve is in trouble and the American dollar will see a collapse. My own prediction is that a few months from now we will begin to see this happen.


Irvin: Let’s say the whole house of cards comes crashing down. What are the odds that World War III will ultimately be required (such as has happened in the past) to pull the economic welfare of the world out of it’s doldrums, especially since we have a prophecy in the Bible that WWIII is coming?


Lindsey: The only way out of a worldwide collapse is war.