An Engineer Looks at RFID

By Robert Mack

How soon could society implement the Mark of the Beast?

Throughout my fifteen years in the telecommunications industry, I have undertaken the responsibility of designing massive telecommunications sites across the U.S. and Europe. Technology has developed past anything I had ever envisioned in terms of speed, durability, and processing massive amounts of data.


Most new networks are designed for “Voice over Internet protocol” and enormous data transfers. The latest move now being undertaken and in full swing is called “Fiber to the Premise”. Fiber optic cable is being installed in new housing developments with existing neighborhoods soon to follow. In the wake of this massive new infrastructure will come peripheral equipment designed to utilize fiber optic speed and availability inside every home in America and around the globe. Southwestern Bell Corp. and Verizon are in full production of this fiber installation program. Over the past decade, new fiber optic networks have been built and are in place across the planet in preparation for this technology. This type of fiber optic system is far more accurate and many times faster in processing and signal carrying capacity than any copper wire connection.


With this technology installed in every home, business, and facility in America and around the world, the powers that be will have the infrastructure in place to be able to tap into every surveillance gadget, bank account, and personal information of every type. The list of possibilities is endless — and what is possible today may be reality tomorrow.


Scanners for these information systems have already been in production for years. Grocery stores, gasoline stations and department stores have been using them for a decade. We don’t even realize they are functioning almost every time we make any purchase. The possibilities for the use of these new technologies are virtually unlimited. The only connection currently lacking is access to your personal bank account. Close this loop, and cash could become a thing of them past almost overnight.


Some have speculated that a future catastrophic economic event could throw us into a cashless society. Under such a scenario, the introduction of technology would be embraced instantly, easing the minds of a panicked public. All resisters could be labeled as troublemakers, terrorists or simply deranged. If this scenario seems too much of a stretch, we should realize that society is going cashless on its own without a global disaster. One thing is sure; a cashless society is technically feasible and easily accomplished.


Since 9/11, uncertainty and fear has been instilled in Americans and people worldwide. The fear factor may have reached a level that one major event could cause people to embrace knee jerk solutions in order to live in what they believe is safety and comfort.

The Possibilities

Consider this possible future chain of events:

Fiber optics is now in every home; RFID technology for product moving and tracking is now the mainstay in all industries, having become the success that it probably will be. Companies have saved millions by the virtual elimination of lost and stolen merchandise. Profits have risen and stock prices increased. The media praises RFID technology as the solution to most of society’s woes. Terrorists and other undesirables are weeded out and reduced to tolerable levels. A new level of safety and security is felt planet-wide.


Electronic deposit of payroll checks is universally accepted across our country and around the world. You can sit in front of your computer in the comfort of your home and shop for anything by way of electronic connection. With a simple scan to verify that you are who you say you are, your digital bank account can be accessed immediately, an order placed, product paid for and shipped immediately to your doorstep. Your groceries can be ordered from your refrigerator by way of bar codes or RFID chips that tell your Internet-ready refrigerator that your milk has expired and that you’re out of eggs and butter. With a scan, you give your electronic acknowledgment to authorize the order and for the grocery store to deliver.


Our society is now totally dependent upon technology, and Big Brother controls it all. Within a decade of the advent of calculators and cash registers, math scores plummeted in our schools, because these items did the math for us. One can only imagine how this new technology will stupefy a global society.


The belief in humanism dominates the world’s thinking— when humanity decides to tackle a problem, there are no limits. Man can do anything.

How Close are we to 666?

New technology being tested today involves electronic chips in firearms that identify the owner by a ring he wears on his finger, accessing a chip that activates the firing device. Anyone attempting to use the firearm without the ring cannot activate the device, thus rendering it unusable. The same technology allows some of today’s automobiles to be entered and started without a key by the owner alone. This technology is advertised by car manufacturers every day.


Technology is leading us down a bright road, promising us a future of comfort and security. Presently, an RFID tag embedded under the skin cannot provide positive identification. Identities can still be stolen. Biometrics can identify individuals with amazing accuracy, but it’s not perfect. Technology isn’t quite there…yet. But solutions are being discovered every day.


New systems, such as the ones I design and install, provide society with the infrastructure for an economic system that can utilize a number system in place of cash, checks and credit cards. And this is the goal! Economics drives it. The Bible says that politics will exploit it. All that is currently lacking to bring such a system online is proof-positive identification of each individual, such as an injected chip and a global network of scanning devices (see “I’m Now Convinced” below). The goal for completing U.S. installation is five years.


All that would be needed for the system to come alive is one political decision. That is how far we are away from the fulfillment of the mark of the beast described in Revelation 13. — Robert Mack

I’m now Convinced…

I have been a communications engineer for 25 years and have called your program several times to scoff at what some of your presenters have stated about Big Brother’s abilities. But after reading an article entitled, “Wireless Transceiver-On-Chip Now Possible” from the EE Times, I am now convinced that the final piece of the puzzle is in place for the global tracking of everything.


A research team from the Wireless Integrated Micro-systems Engineering Research Center at the University of Michigan says it has succeeded in integrating the last two components needed to create a one-chip wireless transceiver. It will now be possible to manufacture hearing aide-sized cell phones to what they call “smart dust”.


The researchers expect the technology, which was developed with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and National Science Foundation funding, to be applied in remote wireless environmental sensors, cell phones, laptops and two-way radio watches. “We think we can make sensor nodes that are almost invisible,” remarked one of the team leaders. “With this technology, you could just sprinkle them around.”


Bottom line: “This new invention allows for all of those RFIDs to be read anywhere in the world and you will never see the reader, as it will be a little larger than a grain of sand.” —Kevin Bradway

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